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Home building is strong on the Links 

There is no doubt that the recession experienced in SA hit the real estate market hard – no where harder than here when it exposed the number of people who purchased land here as an investment and not for a home. Prices fell and despite our efforts to run an efficient estate, maintaining high standards with quality amenities and lifestyle choices, it has not, and probably will not ever return to the original purchase prices from 2005 and 2006. Yet, things, they are a changin’

Looking north across the 13th fairway.

Today, our balance sheet is quite amazing. We are building homes at good pace with more than 50 new homes constructed in the last three years. 105 homes are now complete, 17 are under construction and another 20+ are in the planning or approval stages. Richard Arderne told me they (Pam Golding) have had their best year ever, surpassing last year which was their best year ever. More and more people are seeking homes at the coast and demand is rising. 

At St Francis Links we offer the finest amenities and a golf course that enhances nearly every property, all in an estate that provides a much greater deterant for crime than anywhere around us. With reserves of nearly R15M to keep the estate in top shape with preventative maintenance, we boast the fact that St Francis Links is the most desirable address in the Eastern Cape.

Maybe that’s why we are building 25 homes a year in this secluded little village. 

Does this sound like an advertisement – I hope so! Over confident? – NO, because we have a long way to go. At the very least, our property owners will know that, after 10 years operating, we are looking, every day in every way, to find opportunities and solutions that will make St Francis Links even better. We have survived, beaten the odds and even set the pace with innovation, service quality while keeping costs as low as possible – building before we buy, repairing before we replace and preventing instead of reacting. 

Training and upgrades are ongoing. Standards will remain high. We may be one of the only employers providing transport, staff meals, provident funds, year-round uniforms and safety wear all coming at a cost to the company. However, we wouldn’t be here without good people and we will continue to support and motivate them the best we can. 

Last week I had the opportunity to address members of the MBA (Master Builders Association) who gathered here. It gave me the opportunity to explain the history of the estate while showcasing our strengths. That meeting prompted this article. 

Be proud if you are members here! Share the good news with others – build as soon as you can! 

Club  Leisure Centre
The multi-functional Clubhouse and the member’s Leisure Centre are two great assets. 

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More to remember!

This was our best year to date in almost every way:

  • We finished our 105th home on the estate (51 are permanent residents)
  • 17 homes are under construction 
  • 28 homes are in the planning or application stages
  • We turned 10 with nearly R14M in the bank
  • In February, we will host more than 2400 golfers (1900 visitors)
  • Our golf rounds were up by more than 3300 rounds – 17 550 in total
  • We moved up in the nation ratings to No. 7 in Golf Digest
  • The UK rates us No. 6 
  • The Swedish press rate us No.4
  • With our members, No. 1

 Number 7

Our 1st “Road Trippers” return for the 11th time! 

Colin Higgins and his friends have been uniting here at his home and the Links since we opened. Every February, the Aloe-Aloe takes growth with Betterball, Greensomes, Singles and a Shoot-out. We supply them with food and they do the braaiing at home. A Bloody Mary usually proceeds each day’s play and many stories follow. I do the scoreboards and preside over prizegiving. The wee dram of the good stuff is payment enough to sneak over on a Sunday afternoon! 

Aloe Aloe sm

11 years of great camaraderie, competitive golf, food, drink at St Francis Links 


Greensomes – A new EVENT! 

Ask another member or a friend  to join you for this inaugural event. We will salute Men’s winners and Ladies’ winners who lead the way in this special event.

Greensomes by format, allows both players to tee off. We will play this 18-hole event with Stableford points to keep the friendships in place! 

Which Golfer Hits the Second Shot?

After the best drive is chosen, which of the two team members plays the second stroke? The golfer whose drive was not used always plays the second shot. If Player B hit the best drive, then Player A hits the second shot, and vice-versa.

Handicaps in Greensomes

As noted above, Greensomes can be played as stroke play (which will be the case in a tournament setting) or as match play. (A group of four golfers playing Greensomes as a betting game can take its pick.) But how do you use handicaps when playing this format?

There are no official rules for that, but here are two suggestions (the first one is most common in Greensomes):

Take 60-percent of the lower-handicapped golfer’s handicap and add it to 40-percent of the higher-handicapped golfer’s handicap. The sum is the side’s handicap.

Snacks and Prizegiving will follow play!

Show some SPIRIT and sign up now!

news 13288 16396 pic1amicadejagerlr  Our own Champion!

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
Teenagers – Venter and De Jager, win maiden SPAR River Mile titles
Teenagers, Ian Venter and Amica de Jager, capitalised on good swimming conditions to record their maiden wins in the River Mile feature events at the SPAR Summer Festival in the resort town of Cannonville just outside Port Elizabeth on Sunday.

Pearson scholar Venter (Aquabear) and Woodridge College’s De Jager (Liquid Lines) made amends for previous disappointments in the historic open water event, which was celebrating its 93rd anniversary this year.

Venter was pipped at the post by Daniel Jones last year, but this time he made no mistake and built up a lead in the second half of the race to emerge first from the water.

He was followed by close rival and Aquabear teammate Nicolas Adams, with Cullen Biddulph (Infinity Swim) in third place.

De Jager, runner-up for the past two years, was in a class of her own as she created a gap of 10 metres over Kirsten Marriott (Bay Eagle Swim) with about 250 metres to go and held that until the end.

Itec Golf Days 2017 35 sm  


Will be our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up!  Pitch up and play (9 holes from 3pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays-Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf” – Prizegiving and Happy Hour at 17h00

Mar 8                   ITEC Wednesday – R230 includes green fees, Comp fees and Snacks after the game! 
Mar 11                 Greensomes (NEW) Member and Member/Guest event (men’s and ladies divisions) 
Mar 17                 St Patrick’s Day Golf and Member Get-together – SPECIAL EVENT 
Mar 25                 Chef Jono’s Special Steak Night 


Jan 2-3                Men’s Member-MemberSt Francis Bay wins by .18 of a point! Well done! 
Jan 7-8                The Pam Golding Annual, Derek Ryan and Scott Keevy, Champions
Mar 11                 Greensomes over 18 holes (NEW)
Apr 28-30            Club Championships
May 18-19            Woodlands’ Dairy Golf Days for HOSPICE  
May 27                 Foursomes over 18 holes (NEW)
Jun 3                   Ladies’ Invitational 
Jun 10                 Sanlam – Links Qualifier
Jul 2-3                 National Junior Order of Merit
Jul 20-23             Men’s Invitational
Jul 23-25             The Annual “Road Trip”
Aug 6                   Sanlam Cancer FINALS at St Francis Links 
Aug 8-23             Spring Programme – Course and Clubhouse Closed
Sep 30, Oct 1       Links Cup
Nov 11-12           Pam Golding Ladies OPEN Weekend
Dec 2                   Ladies’ Member-Member

Dates for Mixed Events, as well as the Knock-outs to follow. 

Every Great shot starts with a SMILE santa

Fire hose
Sally N shows other ways to use your fire hose cover – I thought she’d just returned from the Durban July!


The St Francis Links Team

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