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You gotta respect the great game of Golf 

We all get on the tee for the Wednesday or Saturday comp without having any more of a warm-up than a couple of chips and putts (if that). Some of you actually go to the range and strike a few “looseners”. But, with due respect, how many of you really put in the effort or seek the advice that will make you a better and more consistent player. At least we are not coming off city traffic to the first tee! 

I recently made a move to new wedges with different lofts than I had before – with the hope that the new lofts will assist me in filling the distance gaps I experience on our course and the shots I feel I need around our greens. After getting the wedges I put in some time to feel them and to learn what I could do with them on the course. That little bit of practice led to much better results. Geoff Garratt has always possessed a good short game based on solid fundamentals; he also spends time practicing. He, too, made the change to new wedges after experiencing no great success with the former. Equipment is second to good fundamentals and practice.

The short game you play must built around confidence. Keep learning the shots you need around our greens – keep trying new ways to get the ball in the hole – make an effort!

It doesn’t matter if you are out there playing for FUN or teeing it up for a trophy, your success is based on your ability to play the right shots at the right times. There is nothing wrong with putting from off the green if that’s where your confidence lies; our short aprons allow for putting as a good first option. But, if you can play a shot that carries to the green, your are taking one variable out of the equation.

We have added great teachers to our team who are all eager to help you help yourself! Come and check your fundamentals, learn some great short-game tips that will help you to play the correct shot from every situation.

Rory and all who play the game for a living, treat practice as part of the job. Even before he went to the range on Friday morning, I found him on the putting green doing a “clock drill”. Starting at 6 o’clock, he holed a 3-footer; then from 7 o’clock, he holed a 4-footer; then from 8 o’clock, he holed a 5-footer, moving on until he lipped out at 10 0’clock on a 7-footer. Back to the start and another go. He did this three times while I was watching, holing out putt after putt, building confidence with the makes and not losing confidence with the misses. After his planned warm-up at the range he returned to the putting green for a couple of putts from length to reinforce his feel for the green speeds before teeing off. At one point on Friday, I think he was 8-under par for 8 holes with something like 7 straight 1-putts!

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Rory has a practice routine that ensures his most consistent performance! 

I have always been a decent lag putter because on most lag putts, I am simply trying to get the ball into a small circle around the the cup about the size of a “bushel basket”. That will leave me a putt of less than 3-feet. I also use my eyes to feel the length and strength I need for the putt – picking a target and looking at it with my practice strokes. It’s funny, on the course, Rory took no practice putts before his stroke. Develop a repeatable and quick routine in putting that ensures you have chosen and committed to the correct line and length. Practice it before you play and then enjoy the rewards.

Keith Simpson, this year’s Order of Merit champion for his consistent finishes in all of the majors and contributions to the Club, plays a game within the game by keeping track of the number of shots required to hole out from 10 metres off the green and closer. It really proves how much of the scoring comes from that distance. If you took 2 shots get get the ball in the hole from that distance, you would, in fact be a scratch golfer. If you took 3 shots, your probably an 18-handicapper. Next time you go out for a fun nine or eighteen, keep your stats! Then give some time to improving from there. Throw a couple of balls down and do it again until you learn the shot and the correct club for the distance. Keith is a perennial single figure golfer who is always “in the mix” with a strong short game. 

PS. He also won the Matchplay Championship at the Fall meeting of the R&A two years ago! Last year, he nearly defended, losing only in the semi-finals. 


A year to remember!

This was our best year to date in almost every way:

  • We finished our 100th home on the estate (17 more are under construction)
  • We turned 10 with nearly R14M in the bank 
  • Our golf rounds were up by more than 3300 rounds – 17 550 in total
  • We moved up in the nation ratings to No. 7 in Golf Digest
  • The UK rates us No. 6 
  • The Swedish press rate us No.4
  • With our members, No. 1



EP Champs return to The Links 

The Links will play host again to one of the finest gatherings of amateurs in the Easter Cape as we host the EP Champs the end of January and early February. On Saturday and Sunday, 28 and 29, January, the event will feature 36 holes of medal play followed by the first two rounds of match play. The 72 players in the field will be reduced and a double-elimination matchplay will be played. Members will receive spacial rates at area clubs





Will be our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up!  Pitch up and play (9 holes from 3pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays-Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “readt golf” – Prizegiving and Happy Hour at 17h00

Jan 28-29            EP Champs (36 holes medal followed by matchplay) – course closed
Feb 4-5                EP Champs (quarter, semi and finals) – course open


Jan 2-3                Men’s Member-MemberSt Francis Bay wins by .18 of a point! Well done! 
Jan 7-8                The Pam Golding Annual, Derek Ryan and Scott Keevy, Champions
Mar 11                 Greensomes over 18 holes (NEW)
Apr 28-30            Club Championships
May 18-19            Woodlands’ Dairy Golf Days for HOSPICE  
May 20                 Foursomes over 18 holes (NEW)
Jun 3                   Ladies’ Invitational 
Jun 10                 Sanlam – Links Qualifier
Jul 2-3                 National Junior Order of Merit
Jul 20-23             Men’s Invitational
Jul 23-25             The Annual “Road Trip”
Aug 6                   Sanlam Cancer FINALS at St Francis Links 
Aug 8-23             Spring Programme – Course and Clubhouse Closed
Sep 30, Oct 1       Links Cup
Nov 11-12           Pam Golding Ladies OPEN Weekend
Dec 2                   Ladies’ Member-Member

Dates for Mixed Events, as well as the Knock-outs to follow. 


Every Great shot starts with a SMILE santa


The St Francis Links Team

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