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Top-10 Attracts Top Clients

St Francis Links is on a roll with special friends coming for the first time and returning, in some cases, for the “umteenth” time! One of the great moments for me personally, was having Mr and Mrs John Stanton arrive to play with the Kalos Tour Group. The first thing I saw was his Houston Country Club cap with the “Star of Texas” forming the center of the logo. “Jeff”, he said as he approached and, after some 25 years, “Mr Stanton”, flowed off my tongue. What’s 25 years and 8 time zones between friends. Over the next few minutes before play, we reminisced about everything from the members at the Club to my kids and our life here. When they finished the game, they raved about the course and said they would tell “ALL” as to why I have stayed in this amazing place! I liked that…



Top Publisher hails Nicklaus and his course!

Mark Mulvoy, the former publisher of the number one magazine in the world, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, was sharing some great stories about his great friend, Jack Nicklaus, as he praised the course he designed. He remains a close personal friend of Mr Nicklaus and confirmed that he would contact him on his return to Florida, USA. Mr Mulvoy was also impressed to see the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED  magazine covers on the wall here in Jack’s Bar. Upon seeing them, he racanted stories about each and every cover he saw! What a guy…


 Mark Mulvoy published the world’s Number ONE magazine


John and Janellen Young returned to St Francis Links for the 4th time in four years and to South Africe for their 13th time in a row! John, a member of Prestwick and other top Scottish Clubs, rates St Francis Links among his favorites. He and his wife Janellen have been walking (and now riding sometimes) great courses everywhere. His stories about the history of the game and the origins of the Open Championship are enthralling to say the least. I had the opportunity to play 18 with them and then dine as well. The time flew by as one great memory followed another. Did you know that the original prize for winning the Open Championship was not the Claret Jug but a belt with  silver buckle. After Young Tom Morris won it for the third time in a row, they presented the belt to him. When the decision was taken to commission the Claret Jug, Prestwick’s share in the cost was £12.10 (and the receipt is framed on their wall). Louis Oosthuizen was presented with a commorative belt when he won the 150th Open Championship at St Andrews. So now you know! 




Our swimmers are excelling! 

Basil and Madelaine Barry competed in the Midmar Mile, and annual event that attracts swimmers from all over the country and probably, the world. What makes this year’s swim very special was the fact that it was Basil’s 20th completion and Madelaine’s 25th! WOW!

The deJagers who live on the estate can be very proud of their daughter, Amica, as she continues to leads the way in the water. She crossed the finish line first in a time of 38 minutes and 16 seconds at the Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics Ladies 3km swimming championships held on Settlers dam last Sunday. This win follows on from her success of winning Silver and Bronze at the SA Champs in Durban Last year. Amica is also a member of Woodridge College’s Lifesaving team. An up and coming star! (St Francis TODAY)

Peter Bridge (who has just received two new knees) and Helen are extemely proud of their granddaughters, Kaylee (13) and Lauren (11) Decker, who are both living and swimming in the UK at top level. Kaylee, has an opportunity to swim in the European Champs and Lauren represents the Surrey region. 



WE love hosting the special groups!

When Delyse and Sakkie Burger asked about bringing a group of friends to the Links for a weekend of fun, food and more fun, we climbed right in and came up with a couple of surprises they and their guests weren’t ready for – because we can. We first met them on the 5th tee with fresh coffee and warm muffins on Day 1. There were properly hosted at St Francis Bay GC on Day 2 before returning here for a Shoot-out of a different kind – 16 man and ladies from the short tee (66m) at the 7th! We had to laugh when the distance proved to be one that one of the men just couldn’t get his head around – sandwedge short and pitching wedge long – I am not sure if he ever hit the green. But one of the ladies did – Magda shined on the course and then in the Shoot-out winning the POT! This little event got them in the “mood” for Valentine’s dinner and a night of dancing. Sunday, they played here and the champions were announced in the bar with Santa burgers and stories galour! See you next year!




itec  harcourts

Proudly Sponsored – ITEC SOLUTIONS and Harcourts will be our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) and Harcourt’s Wednesday (3rd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

February 17: Harcourt’s Wednesday – added prizes
February 19: Par-3 FUN and Member’s Get-together
February 26: Burger Night – hamburgers, chicken burgers and Calamari burgers
March 9: ITEC OPEN Wednesday
March 16: Harcourts Wednesday
March 27: Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday Lunch (separate events)








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