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How hard do you swing?

Be honest with yourself… do you try to hit the ball further than you actually can? Do you swing with 100 percent effort?


It is more important for you to hit the ball in the middle of the club face, using proper body rotation than to swing yourself off your feet.  When you try to hit the ball very hard a number of problems creep into your swing.  Your head starts moving around and this will result in you losing balance.  It is very difficult to hit a good golf shot when you are off balance.  When you swing hard you cannot control your golf swing.



Golfers all want it.  They want to hit the ball to the target, all the time.  The only way to do this is by swinging within your limits, not over it.  If you focus on keeping your head still during the swing you are more likely to swing smoothly and controlled. Next time you hit a shot, take one more club and swing easy.


You will find that the ball still goes the same distance if not longer and that the ball goes where you intend it to go.  Swing at 90 percent effort and it will change your game for the good. Go to the range and practice it, build that muscle memory .


See you on the practice tee!

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional



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