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An amazing Holiday Season

The wind was relentless at times with the Easterlies outweighing the Westerlies in December. It did nothing to dampen the spirits of golfers wanting to play this great course. I must add, it proved to be a great holiday period for the Bay course, as well. This year, we extended the “members and the family and friends” times into the afternoon. The demand was so high that we created a waiting list from the beginning of the holiday.  Eventually. we moved members ahead of guests to do our best to accommodate them first. I stood on the 1st tee every day. TK and I marshalled the course ourselves. There were a few golfers who cancelled late and we experienced a few No Shows. The villains were contacted on the day in an effort to avoid follow-ups. In the end, it was our best December on paper. The course played in under 5-hours nearly throughout the holiday with many members morning playing from 4h20 to 4h40!

The course was superb and we had no placing through most of December. The wind stressed the fairways as did the cart traffic. We went to preferred lies in early January. I think you’ll agree, Charl and his team presented the greens and the course the best ever – worthy of our ranking!

St Francis Links October 2020, South Africa.

I also met many, many new people who played us and stayed in town for the first time. It disappointing that it took 15 years to find us, but, find us and enjoy us, they did!

I know booking for some of your were hard to come by. Next year, we will recommend to the Board that all times in the holiday will first, be reserved for members only and second, released for visitor play 48 hours out. Despite the income we received, only 7% of the games played were straight visitor play. All other rounds were booked by a member as accompanied member guests and in some cases, unaccompanied members guests.

The Club operating without an evening function, Christmas lunch or New Year’s Eve, also did amazingly well. New year’s Day alone, we served 500 meals and guests with no delays!

Mike Buckham repeated as Club Champion; Hein sneaked into best overall Nett. 8-year old, Micah Van Eyssen became the youngest champion winning the C-Division. Others in the winner’s circle were Chris Van Rensburg, Doug Cornish, Mark Ward, Yan Coesens, Malcolm White, Sandor Kovacs, Percy Owen and Manie Maritz. In the C Division, Micah led the way, followed by James Bredenkamp, Travis DeBruin and Brian Buckham – winners from 8 to 83!

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Season (Dec) 2021-Golf

R100 000 – Won by Member Sandor Kovacs on the 17th hole

5522 – Second-hand balls sold

3179 – Rounds of golf in December

983 – Cart rental rounds in December

41 % Member Rounds

27 % Member guest rounds

21 – unclaimed lost and found clubs

14% Junior and Student rounds

7 % visitor rounds

5 – average points difference for the 16th Pam Golding Annual – series now ties 8-8

3 – great major sponsors!

Most of the winning team! Overall winners were Scott Keevy and Derek Ryan. Runners-up were Stirling Olivier and Barry Davis!

4 –  Holes-in-one

3 – days of great weather (the rest were simply testing)

3 – Majors hosted, Par 3 Champs, Men’s Club Champs, Men’s Member Member

2 – Club Champions – Michael Buckham and Hein Spangenberg

1 – Shaft broken by a “firm” fairway

1 – Day closed (Christmas Day)

Season (Jan) 2021-Golf

2058 – more used balls sold (the course workers were over the moon)

1101 – more rounds played

674 – more carts rented

2 – Member-Member Champions – Boetie Zietsman and Lesley Krause sponsored by Investec


Food and Beverage (Dec)


60 Heineken Draught Kegs used – equals 1260 500ml beers

5760 beers sold – equals 240 cases

9350 soft drinks and waters sold – equals 390 cases

903 shots of Gin sold – about 32 bottles



1370 breakfast sold

  • 210 champions
  • 300 eggs St Francis and benedicts

3200 hot beverages sold


324 pizzas

383 burgers (254 more in Jan)

975 toasties

706 main lunch meals

  • 330 was fish dishes



  • 2008 TOASTIES

Food and Beverage (Jan)

254- More burgers upstairs



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The 2021 Calendar and results

We look forward to our sponsored days with ITEC and Selective Lighting/The Fire Works and Pam Golding Properties and Village Square SuperSpar events.

New events – Ladies’ and Men’s Medal will be played on the 1st Wednesday of every month

7-8        Jan          Men’s Member-Member Partnership, Mark Ward and Richard Sharwood, Champions

13         Jan            ITEC Open Wednesday, Hein Spangenberg and Yan Coesens, 51pts 

27         Jan           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Hein Spangenberg, Yan Coesens, Daryl vd Vyver and David vd Vyver, 92 Points

3           Feb           Monthly MEDAL, Shaun Viljoen and Lynn Slogrove

10         Feb           ITEC Wednesday, Yan Coesens and Hein Spangenberg, 47pts

14         Feb           Valentine’s Day Dress-up Golf; Gavin and Jaunita Gobby, 41pts

20         Feb           Greensomes, Scott Keevy, and Deon Marais, 41 pts

24         Feb           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Simon Haigh, Yan Coesens, Charl Blaauw, Hein Spangenberg, 86pts

3           Mar          Monthly MEDAL, Gross – Fred V Eyssen, Nett – Brett Wilson-Jones, 69, Stableford – Hein Spangenberg, 35pts

5           Mar          Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun, Graham Botha and Geoff Garratt, 24pts

6-7       Mar          Pam Golding Annual – SFL vs SFB, SFB, 37.15 ave, SFL, 36.83 ave (.32 difference)

10         Mar          ITEC Wednesday, Charlie Gilmore and Neil Jones, 44pts

20        Mar          Foursomes, Dave Micklem and Norman Rock, 40 pts

31         Mar          Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Norman Rock, Tim Elliott, Michael Barratt, and Ronnie Nienaber, 81pts 

2          Apr           Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun, Debbie McCracken and Michael McGahey, 24pts 

2-4      Apr           Easter Weekend

7          Apr           Monthly MEDAL, Rita Du Plessis and Malcolm White 

9         Apr            Masters Par-3, shotgun at 15h00 (sponsored by Fitch and Leeds), Graham Botha 

27-28 Apr           Ladies Championships, Medal, Lynn Slogrove (G), Rita DuPlessis (N)

1-2      May          Stableford Championships (Men and Ladies) Chris V Rensburg (A), Doug Cornish (B), Dave Hart (C), Lynn Slogrove (A), and Alison Bosch (B) 

7          May         Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun Ernest and Linda Muller (donated back). 

26       May         Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Brett Wilson-Jones, Norman Rock, Nico Van Rensburg and Gavin Gobby, 88pts (85%)

29-30 May         Pam Golding Ladies’ OPEN Weekend, Jaunita Gobby and Lettie La Grange, 86pts (85%)

2          Jun          Monthly MEDAL, Chris V Rensburg, Lynn Slogrove, Lesley Fisher and Carol Boonzaier 

4          Jun           Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun, Lesley Fisher and Gillian Hammond, 22pts c/i

16        Jun           Easy Life Kitchens/ Wednesday, Lesley Fisher and Susan Gray, 45pts c/i

23        Jun           Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance Noelie Pearson, Jaunita Gobby, Bimpie Olivier and Sue Gray

26        Jun           Windhoek Lager International Pairs, Norman Pretorius and Deon Marais

30-3    Jul            Nomads National Order of Merit (International Points) Rescheduled for October

7          Jul            Monthly MEDAL, Shaun Viljoen, Lynn Slogrove and Alison Bosch – Gross 

18-21   Jul            30th Road Trip (PGA Invitational) Rescheduled for November 

21         Jul            Easy Life Kitchens/ Wednesday – Jaunita Gobby and Bimpie Olivier

28        Jul            Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Charlie Gilmour, Neil Mulder, Dave Webber and Mike Anderson

6          Aug           Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun – Norman Pretorius and Graham Botha

14        Aug           Greensomes  –  Scott Keevy and Martin King

15        Aug           Nomads Annual Game

16 – 31 Aug          Hollow-tining Spring Programme (Course Closed)

1          Sep           Monthly MEDAL, Izzy Obray, Gillian Hammond, Scott Keevy

7         Sep           Colony Challenge – Gillian Hammond and Debbie McCracken

8        Sep            Warwick Wealth / Wednesday – Chris van Rensburg and Nic van Rensburg

10      Sep            Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun – Sally Nienaber and Barry Phillips

15       Sep            Easy Life Kitchens/ Wednesday – Steve Emary and John Hanley

17-19 Sep            Men’s 15th Invitational Member/Guest, Tony Gunton and Mark Fensham

25-26 Sep           Links Cup (Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits) South Africa 22 1/2 – 19 1/2 

2/3     Oct            EP Champs, Altin VD Merwe, Medalist, Pieter Zietsman, Matchplay Champion

6-8     Oct            Nomads National Order of Merit/ Dimension Data, Daniel Bennett

16       Oct            Ladies’ Invitational (postponed) 

20      Oct            Easy Life Kitchens / Wednesday – Jacques VD Walt and Nic V Rensburg

22      Oct            Colony Tastes of Africa – Geoff Garratt and John Joubert; Lynn Slogrove and Sally Nienaber 

4-7     Nov           The 86th PGA Championship (Sunshine Tour Event), Dean Burmester, Champion -17

28      Nov           Links Trophy – Amateur Open – Dillon Germshuys

 4       Dec            Ladies’ Member-Member – Debbie McCracken and Izzy Obray

11       Dec            Par-3 Champs – Chrisna Chalmers and Jandre Lessing

22-23 Dec           Men’s Medal Club Championships



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