The SDC Championship is only 27 days away!

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29 February – 3 March 2024

The SDC Championship is only 27 days away!

We are super excited to be hosting the SDC Championship at St Francis Links once again!  The countdown has started! For more information, please click here.

This co-sanctioned event, by the Sunshine Tour and DP World Tour will again boast an international field of players! We can’t wait to watch the pros in action … and you can too!  Spectator access is free, but you must collect a wristband from the Links main gate.

Estate News
The St Francis Links Villas near completion!
What started as a discussion over a cappuccino with Adrian Gardiner more than four years ago, has now become a reality and the first phase of sectional title units will be transferring in March 2024!

Sales have exceeded timeline expectations and more than 56% has now sold. The project development team aim for completion before we host the SDC Championships at the end of February. Although still a construction site, a walk along the Villas Avenue loop gives one a sense of a community within a community.  The landscaping which was started early on has enhanced the development and the units are beautifully placed, some with exquisite views! The St Francis Links Villas truly compliment the course and our estate.

St Francis Links is the Place to Be!
Our Growing Community
38 homes are under construction with new concept and plan submissions each week!
It is still remarkable that we were building approximately 22 homes at a time, with 54% permanent occupancy pre-Covid and today, we average 43 homes under construction and 82% permanent occupancy!

Families are choosing the Links for its sense of belonging, safety, natural environment, facilities and lifestyle. Our new Board is assessing the future and finances carefully and will expand in due course on the balanced priorities we can all look forward to.

Employee Tour
Getting to Know the Course
Changing faces in our Club bring enthusiastic young individuals who each possess a special talent! Jeff enhanced the enthusiasm by taking them all on an educational tour of our magnificent golf course this week.

What’s coming up?
Exciting Events at the Links Club!
Nostalgia Mondays
Indulge in a trip down memory lane with our Nostalgia Dinners, where each bite is a comforting embrace of familiar flavors and cherished memories. Join us for a culinary journey that will bring the warmth of classic comfort food to your table, making every meal a nostalgic celebration!
Valentine’s Mixed Competition
Fall in love with the game all over again at our Valentine’s Day Mixed Golf Competition! Join us for a day of shared moments and the joy of friendly competition. Whether you’re a long-time golfing duo or a new and dynamic mixed pair, this event promises love, laughter, and memorable drives on the course.

To make an exciting event even better, there will be prizes up for grabs for the Best Dressed Mixed Pair and the Best Decorated Cart. We can’t wait to see you on the course!

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Valentine’s Eve Dinner and Dance
Set the stage for romance this Valentine’s Eve with our Dinner and Dance Celebration! Indulge in a delectable two or three course dinner and dance the night away with your special someone to the sounds of Simon Shaw.

Join us for an evening filled with excellent food, live music, and the magic of togetherness as we celebrate the season of love.

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Who’s been winning at the Club?
Golf Champions of the Week!
Last week, we paid tribute to member Norman Rock in a memorial golf day where family and friends could gather to reminisce and share great stories.
Boetie won on 40 points  and received his trophy from Norman’s daughter, Chrissie

Stars in Our Team
Catherine Warren, better known as Aunty Cat, worked with and for us for 17 years!  At 65 years of age, it’s her time to rest and we wish her love, blessings and a wonderful future as she retires!  Aunty Cat will be back to assist us during the SDC Championship.
Our F&B supervisor Nora has been on maternity leave and welcomed baby Lily-Grace! Our congrats to her and her husband and we look forward to welcoming Nora back as well!

Make golf your Valentine
Fall in love with golf
Valentine’s Day might be about celebrating romantic love, but we think it’s also a great opportunity to fall in love with golf.
3 Reasons to love golf
Quality time
What’s better than a few hours sharing a common passion with the special people in your life? It could be your partner, children, grandchildren or friends, or all of them.
Aside from the fact that walking 18 holes burns over a thousand calories, you’re also out in nature, unplugged from electronic devices and away from notifications, news feeds and stress. 
Eternal hope
You could hack through the rough on your way to the green, but save a shot by holing a 30-footer and it was all worth it. There’s always the next shot, the next hole, the next round to look forward to. There’s always a chance something special could happen.
For the love of the game
Let us know what you love about this wonderful game and we’ll help you experience it more often.
Answer here
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Chat golf with Dale Hayes
Dale Hayes is one of South Africa’s special legends in the golf industry. He sends out a weekly “Golf Chat” communication, which provides an interesting and unique perspective on everything that happens in the golf world, locally and globally. We believe that our golfers will benefit and enjoy Dale’s communication, so if you are interested in hearing from Dale every Monday with the latest golf news, please subscribe to his newsletter here.
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Duca Del Cosma: Love at first step
Find your perfect pair

Cleveland Launch
Launcher XL2 Driver
What will you experience?
• Gains in distance that only a mainframe face designed by Ai can give you.
• The impact on power of a driver with two ‘flex’ zones to increase rebound speed and therefore ball speed.
• Noticeable improvement in forgiveness in high and low contact on the face.
• A clubhead you get back to the ball, square at impact more often.




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