The Pam Golding Ladies’ Weekend

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The Pam Golding Ladies’ Weekend

By Richard Arderne
The annual Pam Golding Ladies Golf Open was played last Thursday and Friday, with Day 1 at St Francis Links and Day 2 at St Francis Bay Golf Club.

Pam Golding has been the sponsor since the event’s inception in 2006, acknowledging that ladies are the prime decision-makers for most residential property transactions!

Pam Golding Ladies Golf
The Day 1 video features the ladies from clubs all over the Eastern Cape in the clubhouse chatting over coffee before the 11 am shotgun start, Jeff Clause giving the briefing outside before they all drove off in their carts to their “shotgun” start tee. Then Pam Golding Properties – St Francis Bay St Francis Links Specialist Saria Blaauw and cameraman Richard Ardernedrove a golf cart to watch a few fine golf shots (and some not so fine) on the 10th, 16th and 17th holes.
The Day 2 video is of the prize-giving on Friday afternoon, with Jeff Clauseintroducing Saria Blaauw, who spoke about the property market, particularly on the Links. Then Noelle Pearson read out the winners, with Saria handing over the prizes.
Both Carol Sharman and Lynda Mynhardt from the Links were the winners. Well done, Carol and Lynda!
 Party Time

 Making a difference!
Our members, Chris and Diane Kelway are shining an amazing light on education, helping the local communities to see and read in the dark!
For years, everyday heroes have been quietly gifting solar lights to students in South Africa so that they can learn after dark. Their story hasn’t been told until now, and not to spoil the end, but loadshedding doesn’t come out on top!
South Africa (20 November 2023) — For years, everyday heroes have been quietly (but surely) making a difference in South Africa where sunset and a national nemesis (loadshedding) stand in the way of learning opportunities. They are the people behind ‘Light to Read’, and their story has not been told until now!

The idea that sparked the Light to Read Programme is simple, but trajectory-shifting. A simple question, ‘What if we managed to fundraise and get solar lights to students so they can learn safely after dark?’ has taken the light from the end of the tunnel to the beginning for many students on their educational journeys. And this light is only growing.

Started in 2016 from the mind of Chris Kelway, the vision was to supply solar light to young students (Grades 1-7) whose educational development was heavily impacted by a lack of electricity.

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Two member birthdays – a great plan came together!
More than 100 members and friends of Archie Bell and Janet McNaughton turned their clocks back to the 1963s and partied the night away here at the Club. Archie and Janet were celebrating their “50-something+” birthdays and the entire night rocked!

Taking on slow PLAY at Royal Durban
The Board at Royal Durban has a hardline on slow play!
There are numerous situations that impact the pace of play. Ability, age, attitude, lost balls, group size, etc.

RDGC is a friendly, welcoming, and sociable club and wants everyone to have an enjoyable round of golf.

However, without a doubt, a 4 ball in carts will play quicker than a 4 ball of walkers.

To resolve this, it is necessary to set time limits for pace of play.

Slow players will need to keep pace and faster players will unfortunately have to accept the time allowed.

A round of golf at RDGC should only take 02h05 for 1st 9 0:15 at halfway and 02h05 for 2nd 9, a total of 04:25.

In order to ensure that all golfers, adhere to the above and enjoy a pleasurable round of golf, Royal Durban Golf Club (“RDGC”) will deploy Marshalls on the course to engage golfers to observe the rules of golf, maintain the necessary pace of play and prevent damage to the course.

Golfers are required to observe the following:
You may not, under any circumstances, disobey an instruction by the Course Marshall to speed up play, comply with any Rule of Golf, or refrain from any act that may cause damage to the course or the Club’s property.

The Marshalls have been trained to seek the cooperation of golfers NON-ASSERTIVELY and without resorting to drastic measures for such cooperation.

Where the Marshal, after attempting less stringent measures to obtain a golfer’s co-operation and compliance with his instruction, fails to so obtain and the golfer is instructed to leave the course, the golfer SHALL so leave the course immediately.

While the Club does not seek to prevent any golfer from disagreeing with any demand or request made of him/her by the Marshall, but to ensure no or minimal disruption to the field of play, golfers aggrieved by a Marshall’s instruction or decision must FIRST OBEY and COMPLAIN LATER.

Under no circumstances will intimidation, vulgarity, physical abuse, or threats thereof against a Marshall be tolerated.  Any such conduct will be met with a demand for the golfer to leave the Club immediately and which may be followed with the golfer concerned being barred from entering the Club’s premises.

The best way for everyone to enjoy their game and keep to the time limits is to play READY GOLF.

  • Be ready to play when it is your turn. Select club, glove up, decide online all while waiting your turn.
  • In carts, drop person off, don’t wait for them to play and only then move to your ball and start your shot process.
  • Play when you are ready and safe to do so.  If the player further away, Is not ready, or faces a challenging situation and is assessing their options, go ahead and play.
  • Let shorter hitters play first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters need to wait.
  • Hit tee shot if player with honour is delayed.
  • Hit your shot before helping someone look for their ball (remember 3 minutes looking time) .
  • Putt out
  • Don’t wait for someone to rake the bunker. Keep playing while they rake.
  • Mark your card at the next tee, not while still on the green.
  • Be aware of the time you are taking to play – Make an effort to keep up.

Although there is a time period in which to complete your round, please remember that it is the interests of all players to follow the basic rule which is;


What we simply ask, for groups and player is to use discretion:
  • If you are falling behind the guys in front, will it help to let the players behind through, if so let them through.
  • At halfway, relax and let the faster players through.
  • Make every effort to keep up with those in front. Don’t dawdle unnecessarily.

Yours in golf
RDGC Golf Committee.

 Great golf
Easy Life Kitchens – Wednesday Competition
Betterball Stableford – 15th November 2023
1st Place
Jeff Clause
Roy Picken
41 Points C.i
2nd Place
Kevin Buckley
Keith Larkin
41 Points C.o
3rd Place
Jacques van der Walt
Steve Dent
39 Points C.i
4th Place
Andy McPherson
Darryl van der Vyver
41 Points C.o
2 Clubs
Chris van Rensburg
Kevin Buckley
Jannie Olivier
Steve Dent
4th Hole
4th Hole
14th Hole
17th Hole

More to look forward to
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Family Sundays at St Francis Links
As we move into the festive season, it is always nice to spend some quality time with your family. So join us for Family Sunday’s throughout December.
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Gino Fabbri in Artificial Un-Intelligence – 21 December 2023
It will be a laugh a minute with Gino Fabbri for one night only at St Francis Links!
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The Sensational Six at St Francis – 23 December 2023
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Recover a golfer
Time doesn’t have to be a reason
People who’ve left the game often site not having enough time to play. Many turn to other activities to stay active. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Getting a gym workout in before or after work generally takes about 90 minutes. That’s about the same time it takes to play 9 holes. But the difference is that with golf, you’re getting much more than just physical exercise.
Playing 9 holes twice a week gives you physical and outdoor benefits, along with a social experience. And it doesn’t even have to be 9 holes. You can head out for a quick 4 or 6 holes. There’s more to staying healthy than just movement. Being outdoors and being part of a social group are critical to health and wellbeing.
Let’s help a friend
If you know anyone you think should get back into golf, bring them down, send them to us, or give us their details and we’ll reach out personally to re-introduce them to the game.
Get them back

Duca Del Cosma: An Italian Golf Evolution
Book a shoe fitting

The right equipment helps
You’re forgiven
The design of Putters does so much to aid alignment and aim. But in many cases an off-centre ball strike leads to a slight twisting (that impacts aim) and a real loss of speed (impacting distance control).

The Cleveland Frontline Putters solve the alignment challenge but also, using a weight forward design, create a much higher MOI to resist twisting and improve distance control.

There are different options to support your specific putting stroke. Are you straight back and through? Or do you have an Arc; and how strong is it?
What would improve your putting?
If you’re struggling with either control over the distance you hit putts or finding yourself missing the cup with makeable birdie opportunities, then there may be an equipment solution.
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