The little Buckaroos!

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 The little Buckaroos!
How many bushbuck on the Links?
A great effort by Sonny Janeke and Maggie Langlands.
We all love our wildlife and I think the bushbuck have a special place in our hearts. Over the years we have seen them grow in confidence around human beings – they aren’t so quick to dash off when they see a person on the road, and in many gardens, they continue browsing while people go about their business. We can observe them at our leisure and learn a bit about bushbuck behaviour – even bushbuck vocalisations. That short sharp bark of alarm, for example.

A question that came up was – just as a matter of interest – how many bushbuck are there? Is the number increasing? We’ve all seen juveniles, some very tiny. The population must be growing, surely?

We thought we would have a go at estimating the numbers, and decided the easiest way to do it would be to ask everyone to take photos and send them to Sonny Janeke. And people responded with enthusiasm. 150 photos were sent over the next 6-8 weeks. It is just one more demonstration of how Links residents get involved and we are extremely grateful for it.

Once Sonny started sorting the photos and discarding the ones that were out of focus, he realised a fundamental flaw in our approach. We should have asked for people to send pictures of both sides of each animal. The clearest identification feature of a bushbuck is the pattern of the dots on its flanks, but the pattern on the right flank is usually different from the pattern on the left. Oops.

We will get that right next time, but for this time round Sonnmade the best estimation with what we have. He sorted the photos into adults and juveniles, males and females, left side and right side, and then made sketches of the dot patterns on their flanks. He was then able to group duplicates together, and finally to estimate the Links bushbuck population.

It seems that we have, conservatively, a total of 37 bushbuck, of which 16 are males and 21 are females. Most are adults, but there are eight juveniles. Sonny stresses that this is a conservative number, as shyer, less-confident animals may be staying out of the busy areas and keeping to the smallholdings and unbuilt areas on the southern side of the estate.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the census, and a big thank you to Sonny for work he put into doing the analysis. There are of course also other antelope species on the Links, but the focus was on bushbuck. We will repeat the exercise next year at the same time.

 Leave it to the Irish
We hope you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style! Below, President Regan shares some words of wisdom about the Saint himself.

St Patrick’s Day

Golfing Stars
Results from Wednesday, 20 March
Winners Kevin and Ernst
Andrew and Pieter
Two Absolute Stars
Petronell Mennen enjoys her ACE (14th)
And Sally Nienaber enjoys hers (7th)

Join us for Easter Weekend!

 Dates to Save!
30 & 31 March 2024 – Easter Weekend with lots of fun activities
11 April – HOA Garden Refuse Collection – Please book via the app or with Lynette
27 & 28 April – Club Championship
2 May – Time & Dine
7 May – Provisional date for bi-annual electrical maintenance
9 May – HOA Garden Refuse Collection – Please book via the app or with Lynette
9 May – Woodlands Dairy Golf Day
12 May – Mother’s Day
25 & 26 May – EP Amateur Championship (1st & 2nd Leg)
29 May – National Elections
1 & 2 June – EP Amateur Championship (3rd & Final Leg)
1 June – Ladies Invitational
13 June – HOA Garden Refuse Collection – Please book via the app or with Lynette
15 June – Le Trophy Du Coq
16 June – Father’s Day
6 & 7 July – Pam Golding Ladies Open
11 July  – HOA Garden Refuse Collection – Please book via the app or with Lynette
19 & 20 July – Men’s Member-Member
12 to 7 September – Hollowtining – Course Closed
15 September- EP Seniors – Ltd Field
28 & 29 September – The Links Cup
17 to 24 November – The PGA Championship (provisional)
26 November – The Links Trophy (EP Event – Ltd Field)

Dates in blue = Course Closed

Hitting solid iron shots
The table of truth.
Where do you sit?
The table below shows you that Tour Professionals, with a short-to-mid iron, have a low point that is consistently between 3½ and 4 inches beyond the ball. They’re compressing the golf ball with a downward attack angle (shallow but downwards), with a slightly delofted club, generating maximum ball speed, and a more penetrating ball flight with good backspin.
Less experienced golfers have a very inconsistent low point in their golf swing. Their low point can sometimes be well beyond the ball and sometimes well before the ball and everywhere in between.

For the more inexperienced or less skilled golfer the route to improvement is finding a more consistent low point. For intermediate golfers, the journey to better will often mean shallowing out their angle of attack, but moving the low-point further towards the target.

Step forward for help
If you’re a golfer hitting fat shots or thin shots or both on a regular basis, then please step forward. We know if we can tighten up and improve the low point of your swing then you’re going to have a lot more fun. Start with an assessment of your low point.
Book an assessment

Better together
Solving the time challenge
Raising children is one of the most rewarding parts of life. But it does take lots of time and energy, and often, that means less time for golf. But what if your children loved the game as much as you do?
Double the enjoyment you get from the game by getting your child into golf. You could spend hours of quality time with your loved ones, while also keeping your swing in shape.
Once we’ve set the learning foundation, we move into the ‘play to improve’ phase of our junior coaching approach. It’s usually between the ages of 13 and 15 years that we start to shift the focus towards shot-making and performance.
You can have it all
By getting your child into golf, you’ll be able to spend more time at the course while having a new shared passion.
Bring your child

Another great location to WIN with Duca del Cosma
If you are driving past George Airport or Stellenbosch Square (R44 opposite De Zalze), you’ll notice brand new Duca del Cosma billboards against the Garden Route and Stellenbosch backdrops. If you are a golfer, this is your money shot to WIN a pair of Duca’s premium golf shoes! Golfers; strike your best pose, snap a selfie and share using #ducadelcosma. Remember to also tag @DucaDelCosma in your post.

As an added BONUS, every selfie from a golfer sharer receives a R400 voucher. This is ONLY to be used at on golf shoes, gloves, caps that are not on SALE. Ts and Cs applied.

So, are you ready to step up your selfie game?



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