The Links on the move! Calling all members!

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The Links on the move! Calling all members!
The next Time (Wine) and Dine is coming up next week and we encourage all members to join us for a fun and informative evening here at the Club on Thursday 2 May 2024. We thank Leopards Leap who will join in with a wine tasting!
Both the Board and management have worked closely to assess and realign strategy, structures, roles and responsibilities. It has been a brilliant process and we are all confident about an exciting future!

Director Mark Johnson will share the Board’s vision and plans and Jeff will provide an update on all estate and club functions and activities.

Our management team will also all be on hand to network and provide info. Please don’t hesitate to ask and interact with us.

Kindly RSVP and attend for the talk and the dinner. We’d love to meet new owners and welcome the kids as well!

It’s the Club Championships weekend!
We wish every participant the best of luck with many birdies and lots of fun!
Who will follow our 2023 Champions Izzy Obray and Constantin Unger?

The course and greens are returning to greatness!
The remodelling of the bunkers on the left of the 11th are complete and the new tee to be used for the white tees in the Easterly and the blue tees in the Westerly is nearly complete. Yay!
Charl has kept the members abreast regarding the overseeding, germination and recovery of the greens. Seeding of the areas where Kikuyu has been sprayed out will commence after Club Champs. Well done, TEAM!

 Pro Am trips!
Our two professionals, Nazeem Goeda and Andrew Schlebusch, played in the Goose Valley Pro-Am on Tuesday, 23 April 2024.
We are very proud of the gentleman representing our great club, competing against the fellow professionals in the area! If you are interested in joining similar events please pop by the shop and let the team know as we would love to have you join the next one!

Golf Cart Registration… Please do your part!
Registering your golf cart assists us all in identifying your cart, allows us to trace the cart back to its owner and promotes safety on the estate. To do so, requires every private cart owner’s co-operation. As such, we will be rolling out a new registration process in the next couple of weeks.

The process will be as follows:

  • We will send out a notification when the registration opens
  • Thereafter we request that you bring your cart to the golf shop, complete a registration document which will cover:
    • Your golf cart make and model
    • The colour of your golf cart (only beige and white permitted)
    • Your erf number
    • As owner, your acknowledgement of the rules pertaining to golf carts on the estate, including use of your cart by your guests or rental tenants
  • Our trained team will also briefly visually inspect the cart i.e. tyres and any other non-mechanical items that might affect safety.
  • We will then apply decals to your cart. One will be the ERF number (on both sides of the roof) and the other will be an annual license disk (on the windscreen). All existing PC numbers on the carts will thus be replaced.
  • Going forward, we will request an annual re-registration of all carts and issue a new license disk.
  • If you sell your golf cart to someone else on the estate, re-registration by the new owner will be required.  If someone off the estate purchases your cart, please inform us immediately.

All of these efforts and procedures are in the interest of safety and security on the estate. We know that golf cart use (and abuse) is one of the biggest problems on golf estates. As such, we believe that a no-tolerance stance should be taken so that anyone witnessing underage driving, or overloading, or passengers standing on the back, can immediately report it.

For ease of reference, herewith the rules pertaining to golf carts on the Links:

  • Golf carts may be driven by licensed drivers, youth with valid learner licenses when accompanied by an adult, or employees of the Club or HOA who have undergone formal training only. Persons under the age of 16 years of age may not drive golf carts.
  • They may not be driven on the HOA common property or around the perimeter fence for recreational reasons and must stay on the internal paved estate roads or golf cart paths only.
  • No one may stand on the back of golf carts, hang off the sides or overload carts.
  • Drivers must always contact the golf shop to check whether conditions on the golf course permit the use of golf carts, especially after rains.
  • Private golf carts (owned by property Owners and/or members) shall be electric (battery operated) and beige or white in colour, must have roadworthy tyres and must be fitted with lights, if they are to be driven at night.
  • The HOA and Club strongly recommend that all owners of private carts provide for public liability insurance, in addition to insuring their own golf carts.

So please watch this space, as Norman will communicate about the registration date soonest. Thank you for helping us to help you!

Another great story is going to America!
By Jeff Clause

My good friend, author and journalist, Stanley Trollip, played and viewed the course with me and member, Jacques Vermeulen, on Tuesday. He is writing an article on Links golf in South Africa for the Minnesota Golf Association that will be published during the COLD winter in the Midwest. I will assist him with travel planning for the enthusiastic golfer there. Minnesota is one of the most active golfing states despite only enjoying about seven months of great weather.

 Great Golf!

 Upcoming Events

Practice with purpose
A round on the range
During any round of golf you’re going to face a variety of challenges that require different clubs. So it’s a good idea to occasionally practice as though you were playing a round.
Play a round on the range
Start with a driver as your ‘tee shot’, then move onto an iron for the ‘approach’ and finally a wedge. Change the number iron with each cycle and remember to include your fairway woods too.
When playing a round on the range, make sure you play every shot as you’d play it during a round. That means including your pre-shot routine.
Practice makes permanent
Make sure you’re working on the right things in practice.
Let’s talk practice

Another great location to WIN with Duca del Cosma
If you are driving past George Airport or Stellenbosch Square (R44 opposite De Zalze), you’ll notice brand new Duca del Cosma billboards against the Garden Route and Stellenbosch backdrops. If you are a golfer, this is your money shot to WIN a pair of Duca’s premium golf shoes! Golfers; strike your best pose, snap a selfie and share using #ducadelcosma. Remember to also tag @DucaDelCosma in your post.

As an added BONUS, every selfie from a golfer sharer receives a R400 voucher. This is ONLY to be used at on golf shoes, gloves, caps that are not on SALE. Ts and Cs applied.

So, are you ready to step up your selfie game?

A game for all
Competition doesn’t matter
Particularly when you’re starting out in golf, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself.
 Bend some rules
Certain rules are unavoidable, like teeing off from the tee box and repairing your divots. But if you don’t want to play from the rough or bunker or over water, drop a ball in the fairway. If you want to tee it up on the fairway, do it. Do anything to make your experience more enjoyable.
Simplify things
Take a sleeve of golf balls, a short iron and your putter and play 18 holes of approach shots. Use the walk between tee box and approach to simply enjoy being outdoors. Better yet, bring a friend along.
Book a round

Golf is a great game because it’s for all ages. It’s for all skill levels. It’s for men and women. The right equipment for your game changes your experience out on the golf course. If you’re an experienced golfer with a more moderate swing speed, please contact us to set up a XXI0 13 experience.
Contact us



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