The Karoo – Part 2 – More than a Game

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A trip for the Soul!


Ok, as an American, by birth, and a one-language guy, a trip to the Karoo can be tricky. Where most people speak English only in defence, I consider myself lucky to have people engage with me at all. But the warmth of the local community was apparent at nearly every turn. The locals are the salt of the earth. The Karoo offers a different kind of beauty and calm. To drive through the farm on the back of a truck, stopping to learn about the different types of fynbos and grasses, was a lesson in life. Then, in the distance were Kudu and Gemsbok. The sheep were camouflaged in the bush, running and jumping as we approached.

Jannie and Bimpie Olivier’s farm is vast and certainly not over-grazed. With recent rains, the food sources are plentiful to the point of being lush. The sheep there must be some of the finest in the world. The wool they produce is pure; the meat they produce is better than pure.

Liezl and I stayed in a rondavel next to the 160-year-old main farmhouse. The water froze the second night as temperatures reach -6C. But the duvet was proper and the person beside me was quite warm!

The farmhouse breakfast started with oats, fruit salad, homemade bread and hot coffee. The bacon and eggs that followed simply tasted better there than anywhere else. Our table of fourteen was abuzz even after a  night by the fire and braai.

Note: the girls in the bottom right photo are standing on the tee box! 

On the first day, after the drive, we stopped and built a fire under a little cluster of trees. The air had warmed but sitting around the fire was still the chosen spot. There were wooden benches that provided great entertainment as three of us fell off the end when others rose. The lunch braai featured Skaapstertjies (sheep’s tail) and lamb ribs. There may have been some liquid to wash it down. But the setting was amazing.

The tournament featured 160 players from all over SA. There were probably no less than 200 available mat carriers and bag carriers. As one of the guys said, “My caddie knew nothing about golf when we started and less when we finished!” But that wasn’t the point – it was about helping the local community and we did.

Three days and nights in Victoria West, staying on a farm, eating the local food, playing the local course (definitely the best of its kind in the world) and a “partytjie” with the locals is hard to beat anywhere. You can figure that word out!


I had to include this pic of Ronnie because he didn’t fall by accident – he was sitting on the end of the bench and we stood up at once causing a funny, yet harmless, crash! I guess you had to be there – maybe next year!



Educating the ladies!


Dr Jen Minaar shared her time and expertise by giving a talk to our lady members of staff about “lady stuff”.  I wasn’t there but I am told it was very beneficial discussing all the things that no one wants to talk about. Thanks, Jen!






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