The Holidays 2016-7

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Proudly Sponsored – ITEC SOLUTIONS will be our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

(every Tuesday) – 10am Coffee Break for our lady members

December 7: SHARP Classic with Seartec – Special day, guests welcome
                     Bob Skinstad and friends to speak afterwards
December 8: 10th Anniversary Event – Night Golf Shoot-out and Spitbraai
December 9: 10th Anniversary Event – Ultimate Par-3 Championships (Men’s and Ladies’ Champions)
December 9: 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner with special entertainment 
December 10: 10th Anniversary Event – Anniversary Tournament – Winner from every tee!
December 11: Family Day for the entire community – live entertainment 
December 18: Kromme Enviro Trust Golf Day (visitors most welcome) 


Every Great shot starts with a SMILE santa


The St Francis Links Team

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