The Black Knight plays our Jack Nicklaus Masterpiece!

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The Black Knight plays our Jack Nicklaus Masterpiece!
Gary Jim Player was born in Johannesburg on 1st November 1935.

The first non-American to complete the career grand slam at the age of 29 – he is seen as one of the best golfers to have ever played the sport and one of South Africa’s best ever sportsmen!

Gary brings this amazing aura, with the ability to interact with people and connect with them. We have a few images that showcase this beautifully – he’s always taking the time to ask them who they are and what they do.

Gary has undoubtedly been responsible for growing the game of golf in South Africa in a way that can’t be measured by numbers. We were truly blessed to have this legend of the game visit our piece of paradise!

Saturday, 23 March
The Kromme Enviro-Trust St Francis Ecokids met on the Links Trails
Thanks to Mark Hanekom for talking about the importance of bees, Truss Henning for designing the nature treasure hunt along the orange trail – an Easter egg was the final object found. John Suckling (the Drone Ranger) donated samples of honey to the Ecokids. A great morning for the Ecokids!

Ecokids has approximately 8 meetings a year, including coastal clean-ups and is a wonderful way to introduce 4-10 year olds to the beautiful environment we live in.

Thanks to Chantelle for the efficient help organizing the Envirotrust Ecokids on Saturday, 23 March. There were over 30 kids and it was wonderful being able to do a nature hunt on the trails after Mark Hanekom’s talk on bees.

Enviro Trust Golf Day

From the Pros
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Golfing Stars

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April Calendar

 Dates to Save!

Hitting solid iron shots
The impact zone
How you got here matters far less than did you get here (as shown below) at impact.
For most mid-handicappers we want to work with them to get:
a) their hands ahead of the ball at impact with,
b) the center of body mass directly over the ball at impact,
c) body weight moving from back foot to front foot,
d) along with a shallower angle of attack and
e) a swing low point moved further forward towards the target.
Of course, it depends. For some we may require to improve just a couple of those technique points. For some it might be all five. But the end-result can be spectacular.
Start the journey
If you’re already an experienced golfer with a mid-range handicap, then it’s likely that improvements in iron striking is a priority in your game. What improvements would take your game to the next level?
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We have the new Srixon AD333 Golf Ball in stock. There are some important improvements that work to help your performance on the golf course. A lower spin rate on longer shots to add distance, yet powerful spin on shorter shots to give added control closer to the green. And an even lower compression while adding distance.
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Better together
More memories with your loved ones
Sharing special moments with playing partners is a big part of what makes this game so special. What if those moments were with the people you cared about most in the world?
When your children and your spouse love golf as much as you do, it gives you another way to bond as a family. Family vacations could include exciting golfing locations. Imagine the memories you could make on a trip like that!
Between the ages of 16-18 years, we help junior golfers understand their game and fine-tune their skills, keeping them focused on their process.
Family fun
There are so many memories to be made out on the golf course. Make them even more special by sharing them with your family.
Bring your family

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If you are driving past George Airport or Stellenbosch Square (R44 opposite De Zalze), you’ll notice brand new Duca del Cosma billboards against the Garden Route and Stellenbosch backdrops. If you are a golfer, this is your money shot to WIN a pair of Duca’s premium golf shoes! Golfers; strike your best pose, snap a selfie and share using #ducadelcosma. Remember to also tag @DucaDelCosma in your post.

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