St Francis Links talent shines at the Ep Amateur Championship!

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St Francis Links talent shines at the Ep Amateur Championship!
St Francis Links is extremely proud to be the host of the Ep amateur championship – the premier amateur event on the calendar for the province.

The course was playing in amazing condition, with greens running smooth and true. We had some awesome scores posted!

The event has an initial Strokeplay round where the top 32 go through to a Matchplay section – from there the players participate in knockouts to be crowned the overall champion.

Regarding the initial Strokeplay division that took place this past Saturday, Shaun Viljoen, with a score of 69, finished in second place behind Naldo Claasen, who shot an amazing 65! This ties the amateur scoring record. Wow!

Pieter Zietsman with a few soft drops coming in carded a 73 – very impressive.

View Strokeplay scoreboard
View Matchplay results
Both Pieter and Shaun won their respective first matches and have advanced to the quarterfinals, where they will be facing each other. Best of luck to both!

We encourage our members to please come out and support some of the best golfing talents our region has to offer! These events are special and showcase some stunning displays of golf on our world class facilities.

Shaun Viljoen
Pieter Zietsman

Farewell Gill – Hope to see you again soon!
It’s always sad to say goodbye to one of our members!

Gill Hammond, who is part of almost every lady’s event and competition we host, will say her goodbyes this week. We will all miss you dearly and hope that it won’t be too long before you come and visit! You will always be welcome!

Ladies Clinic – Moving to Mondays
It was 10 months ago that Sally Nienaber approached us with the intent of getting ladies beginner group (Bunnies) off the ground.

We were taken aback with how amazing the group of St Francis Links Bunnies grew! Regularly getting up to 20 ladies for the hour session!

To try and help as many ladies as possible, we will be moving the clinics from a Thursday to a Monday – as we have Thursday Ladies Competitions, and we would love the ladies participating in the competition to also attend the clinics!

So, on Mondays we will have the clinic at 14h00 in a specific area – keep an eye on the ladies’ group and we will keep you posted on what will be done and where we will be meeting.

 Ladies Member Invitational
Please note, the Ladies Member Guest Invitational has been postponed until the 27 July 2024 due to the weather forecast. We will also be calling everyone to ensure they’ve recieved the message. Please be sure to let your guest know.

 Official Weather Alert
The Fire and Disaster Management section at Kouga Municipality would like to alert residents that heavy rainfall has been predicted from Friday, 31 May 2024 to Tuesday, 4 June 2024.

Although no official weather warning has been issued, we would like residents, especially those in low-lying areas and areas which normally flood, to implement precautionary measures.

All flood and excessive water complaints can be reported to 042 291 0250.

 Men’s Member Invitational
Enter here

  Top golfers of the WEEK!
1st Place
2nd 3rd

 What’s coming up?

Golf is the search for perfection that is rarely achieved. And while that challenge should be embraced, save time in your calendar to create fun with friends out on the golf course. We have a suggestion.
Pick a weekday. Late afternoon. Invite 3 friends along and play-9 with a difference.

One week, on each hole, tee it up from full wedge distance on each hole. How close to 27 can any of you get? Can anyone break 27?

Next week, tee it up from 40 metres on every hole taking it in turns to pick the exact starting location. Now there’s a real chance of breaking 27. But a couple of starting locations that mean you must clear a bunker may make this difficult.

The following week make it a pairs scramble tee-shot 9-hole Par 3. No hole shorter than 130 metres but none longer than 155 metres. Which team wins? Do you get below 27?

You get the idea. The purpose is, in a shortened 9-hole time window, to get round with the focus on a particular skill challenge, but with an emphasis on enjoyment with friends.

Re-imagine golf
This works for fun with friends that ends with a few beers or glasses of wine. It’s also an opportunity for fun with the family.



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