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Reviews often influence travel. When Mike W and I traveled to Scotland last year, I referred to Trip Advisor, Leading Courses and to assist in my planning. With reviews and some special help from friends, we had a great trip. 

We pride ourselves on presenting a great golfing experience that begins at the front gates, continues on with the greeting at the Club House, builds with the welcoming staff and carries on with a good starter sharing useful information about the course and the day. It gets better with the great variety of golf holes and shots on offers when playing the fantastic Jack Nicklaus Signature course. South Africans prefer a halfway break so we offer everything from homemade muffins and pies to breakfast “your way” by phoning in your preference at the 9th tee. With food ready, the stop is quick (we do promote better speed of play and “ready golf” with tips on every cart), the the second nine gets even better than the first. After play and a “power shower” (brief in the drought), we offer the comfort of Jack’s Bar, a tribute to the great man, and “views for Africa” on the Veranda and balconies over the 18th. Dine with us on Easy Mondays or Curry Wednesdays or take our recommendations for dinner in the area. Stay for a few days and experience some of the outdoor treats in the area – a cruise in the canals and on the Kromme, a walk between the 2 Harbours or a sundowner on the Wildside. Treat yourselves to a surfing lesson or a fishing trip, take a ride to the Baviaans and enjoy the largest herd of elephants in the Addo. 

Experience St Francis and all we have on offer – then tell others through and vote for us on the World Golf Awards website (shown below). We need very little motivation in presenting St Francis Links the best we can, but the nice stories, reviews, ratings and votes do help!!!  

Our recent ranking in Golf Digest will also influence those who travel for golf – locally and internationally! 

Best Conditioned Courses – SFL ranks T-3 and best in the Eastern Cape! 



This Man influenced my decision in coming to SA!
Well-known Tour Caddy, Jimmy Johnson, cut his professional golfing teeth on the Sunshine Tour. 

Back in the late 1980’s there were a few Texans who came and played on the Sunshine Tour – Jimmy Johnson, Don Robertson, Ian Leggatt, Mike Board and Ken McDonald to name a few. When the word got out that I was looking to come to South Africa and Fancourt, they were quick to call and share a testimonial or three in support! Jimmy and Don probably played the tour here the longest. Jennifer, Jimmy’s wife for 30+ years even worked for the Tour when they were here!  For over 20 years, Jimmy has become known as one of the best caddies on tour (or he really knows how to pick the best players)! The think the players would all agree that Jimmy has been the common denominator. He has just walked up the 18th fairway with Justin Thomas (for the second time on Sunday) after Justin hit what would be the tournament winning shot with a 5-wood from over 250 yards. It was JT’s 8th win in his last 31 starts on Tour – Jimmy’s too! 

I Googled my friend and here is a short Q and A: 

 Jimmy Johnson Win cad pic 547265802 


How long have you caddied?
21 years

Current Player
Justin Thomas

Past Players
Nick Price,Charles Howell, Steve Stricker

Childhood Home Town
Dallas, TX

Did you play college Golf?

Where did you play?
University of North Texas

What is your greatest Golf memory?
Watching Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus walk across the bridge on 18 at St Andrews for the last time as a player.

What is your greatest memory as a caddie?
Caddying in Ryder Cups.

What is the best part about being a caddie?
Getting to see unbelievable golf up close.

If you didn’t read this already…

SUP Charl is taking the first steps toward reducing our irrigation water on the course 

We have always respected value of water at St Francis Links – irrigating the course, gardens and surrounds with Borehole water from our approved wells on the estate. With the current water crisis, we have cut back on everything that uses irrigation water and potable water – from shortening the irrigation cycles and reducing heads to washing golf carts and limiting the use of our showers. Our members on the estate abide by the restrictions imposed and our guests are made well-aware of the situation is the Eastern Cape. 

water wiseStFrancis11A4 sm

This past week, we initiated another water-saving programme for the course – being proactive with a calculated approach to the long-term play ability of St Francis Links on surfaces comprised of local grasses. The programme will promote the faster spreading and knitting of the local grass known as Kweek, a variety of Cynodon dactylon… 

Cynodon dactylon plays an important role in conservation, because it prevents soil erosion. It provides good grazing, is very useful as a lawn grass and is recommended for the protection of waterways. In traditional medicine it is used for indigestion and the treatment of wounds. According to an old Venda tradition, it is used in the fermentation process to make beer sour

The Kweek has been allowed to spread on the course since the day we opened – however, the Rye, Bentgrass and Poa-Annua were the cool season grasses that remained dominant on the fairways and surrounds. Rye was used as the “grow-in” grass because it rooted so quickly. This was needed against the fresh coastal winds. While the emerald green colour that came with the Rye was evident here year around, it also needed more water to protect it from the heat and winds of summer. The Rye plays like the Cynodons found in Scotland and Ireland – provided more roll on the ball and more options for shot-making. We feel strongly that process of tyning in Kweek sprigs will significantly speed up the the transformation from cool season fairways to natural fairways dominated with local Cynodon, Kweek, the warm-season option. 

Once established, the Kweek will require different cultural practices and maintenance, but all at a lessor cost . 

Please view Charl’s video describing the process – use the You Tube link

sprig    mix

machine  filling

From harvesting the sprig, to formulating the mix, to punching the holes, to filling with mix…working toward better solutions that employ measures for saving water without compromising playability (maybe even making our course more “LINKS” by definition. 

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Dear Mr Clause, 

Congratulations! Your organisation has been nominated for the 5th annual World Golf Awards.

You have been nominated for:
South Africa’s Best Golf Course 2018: St Francis Links

Voting is now open and members of the golf community – consumers and industry executives alike – are asked to vote for who they think is the very best of the best in golf tourism.

The full list of 2018 World Golf Awards nominees can be viewed at where votes can be cast.

Voting closes on 20th September. The winners will then be notified so arrangements can be made to attend the red-carpet 5th annual World Golf Awards Gala Ceremony, which will take place over the weekend of 1st-4th November 2018 at La Manga Club, Spain – with industry leaders, luminaries and international media in attendance.

W(HOA)…News from the Estate!

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Our Next Get-together is on March 9th – there is so much happening – JOIN US! 

The Year Ahead – Your planner for 2018

Please take note of the dates and post them where you will see them and ENTER! 

 Links Majors and Special Events for 2018

Jan 2-3        The Pam Golding Annual (St Francis Bay wins – the overall is tied 6 games each)
Jan 5-6        Men’s Member/Member Partnership, Chris and Jandré Lessing, Champions
Jan 20         Windhoek Lager International Pairs (3rd Qualifying), Percy Owen and Norman Dyer
Jan 27-28    EP Champs (course closed)  Altin VD Merwe, Strokeplay Medalist (74-68=142)
Feb 3-4       EP Champs (semi-finals and finals) Naldo Claassens, Champion; Hugo Maritz, Plate Winner
Feb 14        Couples/Mixed Golf – Valentine’s Dinner Ronnie and Sally Nienaber, best members 
Mar 10        Greensomes over 18 holes
Apr 22-26   National Senior Inter-Provincials (90) (course closed)
May 6-7      Club Championships
May 13-16  Senior Women’s Nationals (SFL and SFBGC) (courses closed)
May 18-20  St Francis Bridge Invitational
May 20       Nomads Monthly Game (11am Shotgun)
May 24-25  Woodland’s Golf Days
May 26       Foursomes over 18 holes
June 2        Ladies’ Invitational
June 16      Quarterly Couples/Mixed – US Open
June 17      Father’s Day Golf and Lunch
June 21      EP Seniors
June 25-26 Nomads Coastal NOoM
July 7          The Inaugural Muirfield Day (foursomes and fourballs)
July 20        Oakley X-Over
July 20-22   Men’s Invitational
July 22-25   PGA Road Trip – Pards Cup
Aug 20 to
Sept 4        Spring Programme (Club Closed) FINAL DATES – PLEASE TAKE NOTE
Sep 28-29   Links Cup / Ryder Cup (Paris)
Oct 6          Quarterly Couples/Mixed Golf
Nov            Pam Golding Ladies’ Open Weekend (date – TBD)
Dec 1         Ladies’ Member- Member Partnership
Dec 8         Par-3 Championships
Dec 14-15 Pam Golding Annual (SFBGC host)
Dec 17      Kromme Trust Amazing Race
Dec 20      Food and Wine Festival
Dec 22     Year-end Couples/Mixed – Pro Shop Sale
Jan 3-4    Men’s Member-Member Partnership

Important Note: We endeavour to keep our “Majors” on the same weekend each year to encourage the best participation. We are forced to move the Annual Club Championships back a week this year because we were the chosen course in the Eastern Cape to host the National Senior Inter-Provincials, a tournament featuring the country’s top golfers. It finished on Thursday the 26th, leaving no time for practice or course preparation. I apologize and the Champs will return to the last week in April in years to come.   –  Please rate St Francis Links 

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February Birthdays 

24 – Carla Schrieber, Johan Spangenberg
26 – Gillian Hammond
27 – Marius Alberts

March Birthdays 
1 – Eddie Vorster
3 – James Bredenkamp


 More to Come! 

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Itec Golf Days 2018 sm

Itec are our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up! Pitch up and play (9 holes or 18 Par-3 from 2pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays: Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf”

Monday Men’s Book Club – 5pm in Jack’s Bar (no reading required)
Ladies’ Tea (and Coffee) – Every Tuesday at 10am on the Veranda

March 9                Member’s Get-together 
March 10              2nd Annual Greensomes (sponsored) 
March 14              ITEC Open Wednesday
March 30              Good Friday 


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Every Great shot starts with a SMILE! 

Santa and the Links TEAM 


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