Speed or Line

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What is more important?  Speed or line…

They are both important but the speed will determine the line of your putt.  A putt with the wrong line and correct speed has a better chance of ending up close to the hole. 

Golfers fall in love with finding the right line they forget how important the speed of it is.  When you struggle with your putting concentrate on the speed you hit the putt.  The softer you hit it the more you will have to allow the ball to turn.

Practice your speed and you will start to see the ball disappearing in the hole.  Keep your head still and hear the ball drop in the hole, if you look too soon you will come out of the putt and lose your connection.  I have closed my eyes when I practice putting, it really helps me with my feel and speed.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional

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