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Grant Leversha – showcasing St Francis Links

The link above is the perfect view of what has moulded and inspired Grant Leversha. I have known Grant for many years and have supported and benefitted from his photographic genius. A number of great photographers have shot the courses I represented – Alain Prost, Evan Schiller, Jamie Thom and Juan Espi to name a few. Locals, Christopher Scott, Martin Barbour and Simon Edwards have all spent time here at St Francis Links capturing the special balance between man and nature. No one has spent more time here than Grant Leversha – waiting for the sunrise or sunset, looking for an “angry sky” or simply seeking the light that best shows what we see every day with the naked eye. 

Grant produced the single greatest tribute to South African golf when he released the world-acclaimed “Within an African Eden”. The tome on display here at the Club features most of SA’s best courses with great editorial about each one. 

Many of you have homes on the estate (or have a favourite hole) and may like to enhance a room with one of Grant’s amazing shots of our course. He can produce any of the 18 holes on high-quality photographic paper or canvas to almost any size as his work is done in ulta hi-res. 

Check out our 18 holes (in low-res) through Grant’s lens. 

grant leversha 
Grant has just returned from a month in Israel (his latest project). I am sure it will be amazing. 

stfrancis1 2 StFrancis2 A4 2 
Hole 1 – Milkwood                                                                      Hole 2 – Which Way

StFrancis3B A4 2 A4SFL 4thpar3 tees 2
Hole 3 – Perfect Fit                                                                    Hole 4 – Double Vision 

A4SFL 5th par4 elevated tee 2 A4SFL 6th par5 2 
Hole 5 – Braveheart                                                                        Hole 6 – Checkmate 

A4 SFL 7th par3 2 A4SFL 8thpar4 2
Hole 7 – Wetland                                                                           Hole 8 – Eye of the Needle 

StFrancis9thA4 2 StFrancis10 A4 2
Hole 9 – Pure Links                                                                         Hole 10 – Up and Down 

StFrancis11A4 2 A4SFL 12thpar4 2
Hole 11 – EISH!                                                                              Hole 12 – Illusion 

A4SFL 13thpar5 elevated tees 2 A4SFL 13thpar5 midfairway 2
Hole 13 – Bear Claws (tee)                                                             Hole 13 – Bear Claws (midway)

A4SFL 14thpar3 green 2 A4SFL 15th 2
Hole 14 – Get UP!                                                                           Hole 15 – Top Shelf

A4SFL 16th 2 A4SFL 17thpar3 tee 2
Hole 16 – Split Image                                                                    Hole 17 – St Francis Bay

A4SFL 18th 2 A4SFL18 Clubhouse 2
Hole 18 Homeward Bound (from the tee)                                             Hole 18 – Homeward Bound (Clubhouse) 

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More to remember!

This was our best year to date in almost every way:

  • We finished our 105th home on the estate (51 are permanent residents)
  • 14 homes are under construction (2 more handovers coming soon!)
  • 26 homes are in the planning or application stages
  • We turned 10 with nearly R14M in the bank 
  • Our golf rounds were up by more than 3300 rounds – 17 550 in total
  • We moved up in the nation ratings to No. 7 in Golf Digest
  • The UK rates us No. 6 
  • The Swedish press rate us No.4
  • With our members, No. 1

 7 The perfect sippin’ Whiskey after a great game! 

Greensomes – A new EVENT! 

Ask another member or a friend  to join you for this inaugural event. We will salute Men’s winners and Ladies’ winners who lead the way in this special event.

Greensomes by format, allows both players to tee off. We will play this 18-hole event with Stableford points to keep the friendships in place! 

Which Golfer Hits the Second Shot?

After the best drive is chosen, which of the two team members plays the second stroke? The golfer whose drive was not used always plays the second shot. If Player B hit the best drive, then Player A hits the second shot, and vice-versa.

Handicaps in Greensomes

As noted above, Greensomes can be played as stroke play (which will be the case in a tournament setting) or as match play. (A group of four golfers playing Greensomes as a betting game can take its pick.) But how do you use handicaps when playing this format?

There are no official rules for that, but here are two suggestions (the first one is most common in Greensomes):

Take 60-percent of the lower-handicapped golfer’s handicap and add it to 40-percent of the higher-handicapped golfer’s handicap. The sum is the side’s handicap.

Snacks and Prizegiving will follow play!

Show some SPIRIT and sign up now!


Itec Golf Days 2017 35 sm  


Will be our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up!  Pitch up and play (9 holes from 3pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays-Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf” – Prizegiving and Happy Hour at 17h00

Feb 22                 Member Get-together
Feb 25                 Chef Jono’s Special Steak Night
Mar 8                   ITEC Wednesday – R230 includes green fees, Comp fees and Snacks after the game! 
Mar 11                 Greensomes (NEW) Member and Member/Guest event (men’s and ladies divisions) 
Mar 17                 St Patrick’s Day Golf and Member Get-together – SPECIAL EVENT 
Mar 25                 Chef Jono’s Special Steak Night 


Jan 2-3                Men’s Member-MemberSt Francis Bay wins by .18 of a point! Well done! 
Jan 7-8                The Pam Golding Annual, Derek Ryan and Scott Keevy, Champions
Mar 11                 Greensomes over 18 holes (NEW)
Apr 28-30            Club Championships
May 18-19            Woodlands’ Dairy Golf Days for HOSPICE  
May 27                 Foursomes over 18 holes (NEW)
Jun 3                   Ladies’ Invitational 
Jun 10                 Sanlam – Links Qualifier
Jul 2-3                 National Junior Order of Merit
Jul 20-23             Men’s Invitational
Jul 23-25             The Annual “Road Trip”
Aug 6                   Sanlam Cancer FINALS at St Francis Links 
Aug 8-23             Spring Programme – Course and Clubhouse Closed
Sep 30, Oct 1       Links Cup
Nov 11-12           Pam Golding Ladies OPEN Weekend
Dec 2                   Ladies’ Member-Member

Dates for Mixed Events, as well as the Knock-outs to follow. 


Every Great shot starts with a SMILE santa


The St Francis Links Team

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