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but not in all the right places! 

Our irrigation water comes from boreholes and treated effluent (when the quality is high) and our course remains one of the best-conditioned golf courses in SA, day in and out! But nothing equates to good rains and the 50+mm (now, 69mm) we received over the weekend. it has already improved everything from the unmaintained areas on the course to the verges throughout the estate. 

What amazes me is the fact that rain forecasts for the past two years have all started with a good chance for rain and usually ended with much less if any at all. We were expecting rain here from Thursday night, Friday (all-day), Saturday and Sunday. Most of our golfers were dry on Friday and Saturday!  Even more amazing is the fact that the amounts that actually do come vary within a few kilometres. On Friday, the word came that it was pouring in PE and J-Bay and coming our way – NOT. We played a great day of golf at The Bay Course for St Francis Links College without a drop. 

We want the rain everywhere but need it most in the “catchment areas” as they are called. I guess that means the dams are located in areas most likely to “catch” the rain. So, we got 40mm at the workshops and 54mm at the driving range below. I am told that Cape St Francis, Humansdorp and J-Bay received less.  Unfortunately, the dams that supply our drinking water in the St Francis area also received less and the dam levels are dropping again. 


Rainfall in the past week- Note that the Churchill Dam is out of order 



Dam Levels 

Dams 3

This all means that we all MUST remain frugal with the water that we use. Continue to save water wherever you can. 

Brenden is moving on (and up)
North to Serengeti! 

Brenden Pieters is a valuable member of our team here. I was going to refer to the golf team but now I must include the kitchen team, as well. When I’m not looking, he is in the kitchen with Chef Jon, assisting with the prep for special functions! 

Brenden and I met at the Swingfit Academy when I was asked to give a talk to their students. Swingfit offered a programme that worked with their skill as a player and a teacher while presenting the PGA Apprentice Programme at the same time. I guess I struck a button with Brenden because he wasted no time in writing to me about a position here. He needed to get 1000 hours on-course to fulfil his PGA requirements for graduation. With Brian leaving for a position in Florida, USA, another door opened and we had a full-time position available. The rest was history. 

Brenden sm

 As is usually the case when you are trying to learn the business and grow in the industry, his fantastic golf took a bit of a hit. His love for the game didn’t and his teaching and desire to learn replaced a lot of time on the course. Still, a prolific player, Brenden impresses nearly every time he plays. His knowledge of equipment, technology and golf swing, will keep him in good stead going forward. 

Forward means taking the position of Retail and Lifestyle manager at Serengeti. I think that means his people skills will assist in his ability to grow the game there. Look out Serengeti members, he loves the mic as much as me! 

 All the best, Big Boy! 


You are in good “arms”

Olga leads the way for Meridian Wines 

Olga Hafner has been in the wine industry for 40 years and nearly 20 years with Meridian Wines. Headed by Hein Koekelenberg, who is also the CEO for La Motte, Meridian has been our primary suppliers for fine wines here at St Francis Links and their portfolio includes 


A short time ago, Eugenie, Liezl and I attended a special lunch at the Meridian Wines home on Main in Walmar. Liezl and I were seated with Hein and Adrian Gardiner from the Mantis Group members of the press and other dignitaries. We were treated to amazing food and accompanying wines. The chefs from Leopard’s Leap featured South African cuisine as they do at their fantastic restaurant outside Franschhoek. As it was said by Chef Pieter, “If you travel to France, you expect French cuisine and if you travel to Italy, you are expecting Italian. So why wouldn’t you be finding proper South African food in South Africa!”

Every dish they offered from the starter to the dessert, brought South African through, right down to the Rooibos in the starter and the marrow bones in the main. 

Thanks, Olga and Bev and the entire Meridian family. If you would like to organize a special night with friends, they will oblige. We can even take Chef Jon!

Mar 4 sm


Introducing Meridian Wine & Culinary Experience
On Tuesday, 26 February 2019, we celebrated the launch of the Meridian Wine & Culinary Experience
in Port Elizabeth.
This exciting experiential centre was celebrated with a spectacular food and wine tasting courtesy of
Leopard’s Leap prepared by their executive Chef Pieter de Jager. Meridian is passionate about connecting
people with our premium portfolio of wines, and what better way to do this than paired with great food. The
contemporary venue features a demonstration kitchen and can accommodate up to 30 people for wine
tastings, special food & wine dinners or cooking classes with a glass or two of great wine of course!
Contact Regional Director, Olga Hafner for further details.




 Join US! 

The St Francis Links HOTEL by Mantis

The proposed St Francis Links Hotel by Mantis is being sold as a sectional title scheme. Commencement is based on the sale of the units. 

Mantis benefits 

The Hotel will consist of 60 1 and 2-bedroom suites, modelled after the successful hotel development at Pearl Valley, where the 2nd phase was launched recently. The Clubhouse will be home to reception manned 24/7, the Food and Beverage services, AquaSpa and of course, the home of the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course!  Pam Golding Properties are handling the sales for the Hotel. Neil Fox is the lead person. Neil Fox Saria Blaauw is assisting and they are dividing their time at The Links 

M1  M4

M8  M7

 ITEC are our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, sometimes Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up! Pitch up and play (9 holes or 18 Par-3 from 2pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays: Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf”

Monday Men’s Book Club – 5pm in Jack’s Bar (no reading required)
Ladies’ Tea (and Coffee) – Every Tuesday at 10am on the Veranda


Every Great shot starts with a SMILE!

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Santa and the Links TEAM




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