So many new residents!

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Family Time!

Meet the members – and bring the “gees”

With so many new members on the estate, let’s get together at the Club and have a party. What better way to meet each other than with a party here at the Club? There will be kid’s fun, adult fun and food for all. Dirk Ellis VW is sponsoring and we need to know you are coming for proper preparation! It’s family time and we are all one big happy family!

Happy Mother’s Day

More new homes and residents every week!



It’s time to shop!

Stable hitting base and a solid grip. We are very excited to showcase an assortment of new arrivals for the shop.

Taylor your game!

The latest arrival of Taylormade caps and balls will have you looking great and playing your best. Don’t compromise on the only piece of equipment that you use with every shot. We have a wide selection of Taylormade golf balls that will fit your game perfectly.


The grip is key.

The only thing connecting you with the club is your grip – don’t have a substandard glove.

The grip allows you to control the orientation of the face at impact. Having a grip that allows a fluid motion and good wrist positions during the swing will allow you to play consistent golf.

We have 3 Professionals that can assist you with getting the perfect golf grip – as well as fitting you with the glove that suits your game and budget.

Staying in balance – stay comfy!


The Venture Lite Waterproof shoe has arrived – yes it is waterproof! Only R1399.

The shoe features MD Traction for added grip and durability as well as a V-Lite design philosophy for less weight and more performance. Our superior cushioning ensures that your feet are kept comfortable all day long.

We hope to see you in the St Francis Links Golf Shop soon!


Great Golfing Week






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