Slow start and a big finish!

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Despite tougher economic times, we shined!

I always start the year by sharing some of the numbers; before that let’s just point out that there were more people on the Estate than ever. With more homes completed, we (Thinus and I) dropped off more lemons on the 23rd and 24th by a large number!

The Estate


512 sold properties (± 94.8%)

167 completed homes (± 31%)

160 occupied in the holiday (with an average of 8 for Christmas lunch – one family had 30!)

87 permanently occupied (53%)

27 built during 2018/2019 financial year AND 12 in the new year (Oct to Dec)

17 homes currently under construction

36 homes in planning or submission stage

The Club

December starts with our members: offering the morning tee times to them first, filling the afternoon with visitors. Most of our visitors did play with the members while others came with their families and friends! Our new e-bikes were in use nearly every day and our pace of play, by not overcrowding the course, remained good throughout the holiday period.

Golf Played

3843 Rounds including 253 after 5 and countless member breakaways

2363 cart rentals including 61 e-bikes

517 sleeves of new balls

95 Callaway Truvis (soccer balls) mostly to Sieg!

5147 Used Balls sold

4600 lost and more than 3000 found by…

Food and Beverage

101 sticky ribs, 297 Links platters, 348 Fish and chips, 871 burgers – beef and chicken, 885 pizzas

926 kiddie meals

1026 Ice creams, pancakes and shakes

3447 toasties and 1/2 way brekkies

8135 lunches

6800 bottles of beer on the wall, 851 Cocktails, 5712 spirits, 1616 bottles and glasses of wine

12443 minerals

52687 total items sold from the kitchen, halfway and bar

145 separate orders representing more than 340 people in a 2-hour span on the 29th (including Sunday lunch with the Bottomless Coffee Band – That’s when I came up with “Patience and Positivity” as our theme for 2020. 100’s and hundreds of compliments with a few impatient and negative criticisms…

1 TEAM that included colleagues from all departments  


1 great evening with Hutchie and Dale

4 Sold OUT events – 80’s Show, Magnificent 7, Bottomless Coffee Band, Radio Kalahari Orkes

Maximum Christmas Lunch

New Years Day – 87 golfers, 235 breakfasts, 332 lunches, 284 beers and ciders and 2002 total  items sold between 9 and 16h30




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