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How to better your short game without changing your technique

Over the years I have given many short game lessons. Pitching, chipping, bunker shots, putting you name it, I have given advice on it. Some golfers change their technique and get better, some golfers have good technique but still struggle around the green. WHY?
This is what I do when planning and playing a shot around the green.

1. Pick an area where I can/want to land the ball.
2. Imagine how far the ball will roll if I land the ball in the spot that I picked.
3. Choose a club that will give me the result that I visualised.
4. Make a few practice swings to get comfortable and to reinforce that I can execute the shot that I visualised.
5. Visualise the shot one last time.
6. The only thing I concentrate on now it the place where I want to land the ball. I do not think about the Pin!
7. Make a confident swing at the ball because I trust my preparation.

Most golfers do not plan their shot, it is mostly a hit and hope situation. It does not have to be that way. Follow these few steps and you will lower your handicap without changing your technique.

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