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Yes, the dreaded SHANK.

There are a couple things that you can check to help you to hit the ball high into the sky.


1. Ball Position

The distance away from the ball is very important.  If you stand too close to the ball you will lose your spine angle.  Stand too far away and you will need to lean into the ball which will bring your hands closer to the ball.

Get into your stance position, shift your weight around to find balance and let your hands hang down naturally.  That how far it should be.

2. Grip Pressure

If your grip its too tight you will be tense in your upper body and will limit your flexibility.  Too light and the club can move around in your hand and change position.

Grip pressure should start around 3 out of 10, as you will naturally grip harder as you get ready to make contact with the ball.

3. Swing Path

If your downswing is from out to in the first part of the club  that you present to the ball is the hosel.

Try to swing more in to out or more square to square to present the face of the club to the ball.



Thinus Keller

Head PGA Golf Professional


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