Rain, Rain and more rain!

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The good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Most of us are welcoming the recent rains. Our dams are full. the course is lush and we haven’t needed to irrigate (water and electricity consumed) in two months. The rains over the weekend totalled nearly 86mm, bringing the Churchill Dam to near capacity. Water has built up in the catchment west of The Links (Charl’s pics below) and is safely moving through the Bay Course.



Sadly, for others, including members of our team, the excessive recent rains have also caused property damage and, of course, roads. Everyone warned, “It’s the flood to be afraid of, more than the drought”.

Do you know the rules?

Norman led the way with a rules presentation for the members on Tuesday. The talk covered mostly rules that we all can relate to here on our own course. After explaining what is the “general area” of the course, it was all made simpler when the rules that apply to the general area differ from what happens in the penalty areas, bunkers, greens and tees. we covered all the options for abnormal ground conditions, relief from penalty areas, bunkers and out-of-bounds. The presentation was well-attended and the questions received were good.



Another great week of Golf

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