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Our estate is home to many little beauties!
I just received a mail from one of the resident homeowners asking me about the wildlife on the Estate. Sadly, before the holiday, we spotted a youngish Bushbuck that appeared to have a mark around its neck. We moved our night watch cameras to the area where it was last seen. Charl contacted a vet for advice on how to dart it and remove what looked like a snare. Long story short, it was a snare that was obviously placed in the bush for the sole purpose of taking out the Bushbuck. It had been there long enough that it had cut into the back of the neck and the animal would not survive. The poor Bushbuck had to be put down and buried.

There was a fear that builders were to blame and earlier in our history it was feared that snaring was taking place and poaching was happening. It was then that we called for all residents to be aware and we added night-vision cameras in strategic places. No evidence was found to support the fears, but vigilant we remained, watching for anything suspicious.

Our perimeter fence is electrified with a reinforcing bar underneath to provide an additional deterrent. The fence itself works in such a way that everything from a guinea fowl to a bushpig can go in and out without any serious harm. I don’t recommend you try.

I am pleased to say that we see a lot of wildlife moving about. We hope that the breeding continues, and the populations grow. Here are a few pictures from our cameras and as you can see, even the lynx was spotted at the Links! We left out all the people spotted … but we know who you are!

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Caryl’s Corner  

Neville Ngqandu

While Neville waits to meet and help golfers as they arrive at The Links, he has been keeping an eye on the Thick Knees/Dikkops. As many of us know, our resident pair has once again nested in the gardens at the clubhouse. Neville has written a report in detail of each step from the time the eggs were laid.

Many of us have seen the camouflaged eggs and watched the tiny chicks just after they’ve hatched. We’ve been chased off by the very protective adults, but have you seen them, as Neville wrote, “sleeping sideways like human beings with straight legs”? I hadn’t, but now I have.

Well done Neville, it’s wonderful to have all those details recorded.

Els for Autism touches so many!

I sent out a letter to all the members here and the response from some was outstanding, while the majority are still a bit quiet. Members all receive a special rate that includes everything listed below. But more important is the gift of giving – 1 in 68 boys are affected and the number is increasing. Please get together with friends for a special day!

Els for Autism is very close to my heart having watched Ernie and Liezl come to terms with it in their own lives. Their efforts worldwide have changed the perception of Autism everywhere. I hosted two Autism days here and then stood back for a year because I felt I was calling on the same people over and over. This year we are bringing it back on the 28th of February. I am sure you know someone who has someone in their life who has a form of Autism, like Ernie and Liezl’s Ben. Their centre and structures in SA are reliant on local funding. The golf events generate proper financial support.

The entry fee for the event is R5000 per four-ball with special pricing for members. This includes golf fees, 1/2way, Prizegiving Dinner, Welcome gifts (great stuff) and prizes. The winners on the day are invited to make their way to Lost City where every expense there will be included and the finals will be held.

I do want you to play in the event and encourage others to join in! Contact

Els For Autism St Francis Links 2019



The St Francis Links HOTEL by Mantis

The proposed St Francis Links Hotel by Mantis is being sold as a sectional title scheme. Commencement is based on the sale of the units. 

Mantis benefits 

The Hotel will consist of 60 1 and 2-bedroom suites, modelled after the successful hotel development at Pearl Valley, where the 2nd phase was launched recently. The Clubhouse will be home to reception manned 24/7, the Food and Beverage services, AquaSpa and of course, the home of the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course!  Pam Golding Properties are handling the sales for the Hotel. Neil Fox is the lead person. Neil Fox Saria Blaauw is assisting and they are dividing their time at The Links 

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 ITEC are our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, sometimes Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up! Pitch up and play (9 holes or 18 Par-3 from 2pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays: Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf”

Monday Men’s Book Club – 5pm in Jack’s Bar (no reading required)
Ladies’ Tea (and Coffee) – Every Tuesday at 10am on the Veranda


Every Great shot starts with a SMILE!

Santa and the Links TEAM


Flash Float generated more than R80 000 for locals schools! 


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