Our YOUNG Ladies take the title

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 Our YOUNG Ladies take the title

Ladies Member-Member
2 December 2023
Betterball Stableford
Izzy and Kirsten were popular champions in this year’s HOLBURN Ladies’ Member/Member. They out dualled their playing partners, Sally and Sue, by making 3 points on the last hole to win by one! Then, after the game, Chef Pieter put a proper lunch on them all with a fantastic cooking demo to accompany the menu. Great golf, great friendship, and a great lunch to follow! We would like to give special thanks to Darryn Pienaar and HOLBURN for their great support.
Kirsten Viljoen and Isabella Obray – 40 points2nd place
Lynne McMillan and Carol Sharman – 39 points c.i.

3rd place
Sue Cogswell and Sally Nienaber – 39 points c.o.

2 Clubs
Sally Nienaber – 4th hole
Lesley Fisher – 4th hole
Cherise Milne – 14th hole
Helen Bridges – 17th hole

4 pointers
Sally Nienaber – 4th hole
Lesley Fisher – 4th hole
Kay Sadler – 8th hole
Carol Sharman – 11th hole
Kirsten Viljoen – 12th hole
Cherise Milne – 14th hole

Santa Clause is coming to town!
The first stop was St Francis College
Santa (who’s middle name is Jeff) started the 2023 tour at The College with the two- to six-year olds, smiling all, each and every one of them! As Santa called the names of the little ones, they all came up, one at a time, to receive their personal gifts. Santa received hugs, took pictures with them, and even received gifts in return. It was amazing!

 Holiday lunches
Our Club hosts bridge twice weekly
There was an outstanding turnout for the year-end Bridge Holiday lunch. Chef Peter put a great lunch on – smiles all around!
The Ladies Book Club meets monthly at different homes…
But they chose to be here for their year-end luncheon. Thanks Ladies, keep reading!

 Great golf
2 December 2023
Betterball Stableford
St Maarschalk and Lesley Krause – 46 points2nd place
Brett Wilson-Jones and Darren Sugden – 45 points

3rd place
Pierre du Toit and Douglas Cornish – 44 points

3 December 2023
Mixed Open – Betterball Stableford
1st Linda Clarke and Roger Smith – 40 points c.i.
2nd Lynda Mynhardt and Paul Mynhardt – 40 points c.o
3rd Jannie Olivier and Bimpie Olivier – 37 points c.i.
Nearest the pins

Hole 7: Barry Davis
Hole 14: Sue Cogswell4 pointers
Janet McNaughton – 2nd
Bimpie Olivier – 3rd
Roger Smith – 4th
Mario Nel – 5th
Jannie Olivier – 16th

Security Tips by our security contractor Bidvest Protea Coin
Whether you live in the Links, in the village or anywhere, the following tips provided by Nico Grobler, our Bidvest Protea Coin security manager may be of great use.  On the Links we always echo the words:  SECURITY STARTS AT HOME. As you enjoy your home here, or even for tenants in your home, please ensure that they lock up at night or when not home and take precautions as one would if you were living anywhere else.
Safety tips
  • Be alert of your surroundings when driving, inform your family of your whereabouts.
  • Avoid driving alone at night.
  • Don’t talk or text on your cell phone in public.
  • Avoid driving over anything on the road, including plastic bags.
  • Don’t carry a lot of cash on your person.
  • Be alert when you enter access gates, make sure security is aware you are entering.
  • Make sure your doors are locked, even if you are living in a security estate.
  • Report all suspicious activities / vehicles/ persons to relevant personnel. Please report immediately and not days later.
  • Be vigilant ALL the time.
  • When leaving for holiday, make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy, spare wheel is in good condition, keep your family and/ or friends posted of your current location.
  • Make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged.
  • Switch off geyser/s and close the stop cock at the water connection point to water supply in the home.
  • Never let small children out of your sight (swimming pool / human trafficking).
  • Do not let an unknown person assist at an ATM.
  • Do not stop if you feel unsafe when you have a flat wheel or driven over spikes or an obstacle in the road. Reduce your speed to 40 km per hour or less and drive to the nearest SAPS or an area where you feel it is safe to stop.
  • Inform your children of cell phone safety.
  • When on the long road, stop every 2 hours to stretch legs and let your pets have water.
  • Provide a spare key of your home to someone you trust in case of emergency to enter your house.
  • Let security know beforehand if you expect a delivery whilst not at home, for the parcel to be delivered at Clubhouse.
  • Please don’t open the boom gates for anyone. There’s a help button which should be used. If it takes a while, please be patient or divert your drive via another road.
  • In the interest of safety, please ensure your golf carts are driven by licensed drivers only, with a maximum of 2 persons to a two seater. No standing on the back!

More to look forward to
Family Sundays at St Francis Links
As we move into the festive season, it is always nice to spend some quality time with your family. So join us for Family Sundays throughout December.
Book Now!
Gino Fabbri in Artificial Un-Intelligence – 21 December 2023
It will be a laugh a minute with Gino Fabbri for one night only at St Francis Links!
Book Now!
The Sensational Six at St Francis – 23 December 2023
Join us for a night to remember!
Book Now!
Santa on the Links – 25 December 2023
Santa and his elves will deliver small gifts to little ones staying on the Links at 11h00!
Don’t miss out this festive season
We have loads of exciting events happening at St Francis Links over the festive season. For the full schedule, please view our festive season programme.
View festive season programme

 Make a Christmas wish…
Imagine the perfect set of gifts under your Christmas tree this year: solid square contact, sinking more putts, or hitting it further off the tee! Let us know which gift you would like to unwrap this Christmas, and remember, we can help you make your wish a reality.
I wish for…

Their golf ball
Fill a stocking
Spread good cheer this holiday. Invest in friendship. Think of someone you wish you’d found a bit more time for this year and invite them out for a round of golf.

Help make them laugh. Help them breathe in the outdoors. Create motion and movement.

Above all create CONNECTION.

Connection is probably the most underrated joy of golf. It is so important to well-being at a time of the year when people reflect on their year. Creating connection fills a stocking with joy.
As a second best, add a sleeve of golf balls to someone’s stocking with a positive message encouraging them to join you in a game of golf in 2024 or a thanks for the contribution they’ve made to your golfing life in 2023.
Can we help?
How can we help make this the best golfing holiday season for you?
Let us know how we can help

Duca Del Cosma: Find your perfect pair
Book a shoe fitting

More than a fitting
More greens in regulation
We could tell you that you should have a fitting. But that’s not where the conversation should start. If we’re talking approach shots, the conversation starts with you:

Are you making consistently solid contact with the ball?
Do you get enough distance and height on your iron shots?
Are you missing the target and, if so, left or right or both sides?

Now we’re probably into diagnosis. What is holding your game back? What could give you the biggest benefit?

You’d be amazed by the impact on your consistency and accuracy caused by an incorrect grip size and/or lie angle in your irons.

Grip size too small and the hands become too active with an inclination to close the face at impact. Too large and it’s harder to square the face at impact with the face left open.
The lie angle needs to allow the sole to be parallel to the turf at impact. If it isn’t and the heel strikes the turf first, the face closes and you miss left. If the toe strikes first, you miss to the right.
The gift we can give you
We want to change your experience out on the golf course, approach shot after approach shot. It’s what we’re trained to do. Cameras and technology make it easier than ever for us to diagnose the challenge. From there, the right fitting to create a better approach shot is only a short step away. And that means more greens in regulation.
Book an assessment and fitting with us



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