Off to the President’s Cup – Ernie, here I come!

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It’s our year to win! Ernie vs Tiger, again!

On the night of the Els for Autism event held here earlier this year, Nico Van Rensburg said something to me in the middle of our auction. I was pretty wrapped up in being the Auctioneer and what he said went over my head. We went on to raise more than R400 000 before he repeated that I would be attending the President’s Cup! “What are you talking about and Liezl just smiled…You’re going to the President’s Cup as a VIP and an ambassador for Ernie!” 

Well, on Friday I am off! First stop is Sydney where I’ll watch the final round of the Aussie Open, staying with my friend and CEO of the Australian Club, Steven Shearer. He has a home at the Club so it’ll be a short walk to the tee. From there I travel to Melbourne and will see it all. I am packing my best Francis Links logoed shirts and caps to be visible at every opportunity! Asked if I wanted to play golf while in Oz, my answer was simple as I am going to watch golf, not to play. I will be there every minute of every day, from the first shot to the last. The tournament will be played on what is referred to as the composite course, a combination of holes from their East Course (6 holes) and from their West Course (12 holes).

From the scorecard below, take note of the holes that are played. It is interesting to note that it is the composite course is the course that is rated one of the best in the world and I think it could only be played in special events. I don’t think you can pitch up and ask to play it!

When you watch the President’s Cup next week, look at the natural bunkers and how some are simply curt into the green. The greens and the entire course will play firm and fast. shot-making will determine who wins their matches. Confident putters will have an easier time. Ernie loves the course in the Sandbelt as the area is known. He not only played well there, but he was also inspired in his course design by them. Our member James B just reminded me that Ernie has the course record there – 60!

Ernie will be fielding a side with only one South African and 6 rookies. the American side is all ranked higher the entire International team except Adam Scott. But what is on paper does not necessarily determine the result. With Tiger playing (and don’t be surprised if you only see him once or twice before the singles) I like our odds even better. Let Ernie do a “Bjorn” on Tiger and get the boys together as a team despite the cultural and language differences. He has been working with the prospective team members over the past 18 months and Tiger has his guys at the Hero Challenge before flying 20 hours to OZ. Maybe I’m thinking with my heart more than my head, but Ernie will give them the South African drive!

Go Internationals!

What to look forward to

Great “Hutchie Tribute” coming to SFL and the community!


Muirfield, the 2nd Annual – what a great day!

When Keith Simpson agreed to say a few words about Scotland, playing Muirfield and some stories bout St Andrews, the Home of Golf and other bits, he started the Muirfield lunch with style. After foursomes in the morning and the traditional gin, dram or pint before lunch, we moved to the dining room for a spectacular tribute to Scottish cooking. Chef Jon just got it right. The lunch featuring everything from amazing haggis bonbons to the most tender lamb ever. The afternoon golf was played with spirits (I mean great spirit) and everyone gathered above the 18th for stories and a final toast or three to the day. See you next year!

Get booking as these events will fill up!

19 Dec – Annual Food & Wines Festival – Buy tickets here

23 Dec – Radio Kalahari Orkes – Buy tickets here

27 Dec – Ultimate 80’s Show by Centrestage – Buy tickets here

29 Dec (Sunday Lunch) – Bottomless Coffee Band – Buy tickets here

3 Jan – Magnificent 7 Show by Centrestage – Buy tickets here 


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