Not even a good rain could spoil a great weekend!

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Wedding bells and Family FUN

They say that rain on your wedding day is all about good luck. Let’s hope that rings true for Brett and Lorraine Wilson-Jones’ daughter, Toni Nicole and her new husband, Michael James Martin.  Their magical day was to have started in the bush on the west side of the estate. With the rain coming and going since Friday, the venue was on and off, again and again. Backup plans were always in place and the team here was ready for all outcomes. In the end, indoors was the solution. The bride was beautiful. Dad shed a tear and the couple will live happily ever after.

Tour and Thank You Braai

On Friday, a number of members were treated to an “educational” in the maintenance area that included a tour of the workshop, the stores and the nursery. Charl hosted the members and then the members hosted Charl’s team to a braai, complete with salad and Hart’s ice cream!

Family FUN Friday (the 1st of four scheduled quarterly events sponsored, in part, by Deandre Dreyer and I-FIBRE)

Well, the rain didn’t chase anyone away from Family FUN Fridays as more than 80 members and their families joined us for a great afternoon and evening that included a nine-hole putting course, face-painting, pitching games, glow ball fun, as well as great food and drink!

It was a HIT! 

Deandre and I-FIBRE, under-wrote part of the day to make everything on offer Family fun on the pocket, too! Fitch and Leeds (Gary DeBruin) were on hand with special mixes in addition to gin, wine and beer on offer. There were Calamari stations, Donut stations and Boerie rolls. It was great to see all ages in attendance! Next event – 3 June


Good Fundraiser for a good man!

from Google…

Kowie Loots is an engaging man. He has an easy smile and soft blue eyes. He is tall, confident and open, and has an unmistakably pragmatic view of life. This is perhaps what makes his story all the more incredible, miraculous even.

On the morning of 9 January 2009, while out with his crew on a plantation near Wolesly in the Western Cape, Kowie was struck on the back of his head by a falling pine tree, the roots of which had become rotten. He suffered a 5x5cm gash in his skull, many other fractures to his skull and three broken vertebra in his neck.

Since then, it has been a steady uphill climb for Kowie. His life changed irrevocably on that Friday. He was a scratch golfer, had played Eastern Province rugby, tennis and table tennis, and his business was growing. But the determination that led him to those successes continues to drive him today.

He has since moved to Jeffrey’s Bay, where he has rebuilt his life step by step and continues to gain strength. His speech and functioning in daily life have improved in leaps and bounds. He has found a new love in bowls and has taken part in the National Paraplegic Bowls Tournaments in 2012 and 2013, where he was placed second and fourth respectively.

The only visible signs of his accident are a limp in his left leg, and there is limited movement in his left arm and shoulder, due to nerve damage he suffered because of the accident. So it’s not surprising that when he visits the caregivers who monitored his progress so diligently in the months after his accident, they still can’t believe the miracle of his recovery.

Kowie Loots offers personal golf swing analysis and training sessions.
All ages and handicaps are welcome.
Whether you are able-bodied or differently-abled, let’s improve your game and grow your love for this amazing sport.

Last week, area golfers came here and joined Kowie for a special day of golf and fund-raising for his programmes. Well done.

The PGA is ON! 3-6 November 2022

Golf Events

16 April – Medal/IPS – Pieter Zietsman

20 April – EasyLife Kitchens – Elmarie Maarschalk and Janet McNaughton

23 April – Saturday School – Thinus Keller and Reynier Meyer

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