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So when we were locked down with Covid, many of our members took strain. Some members took more strain as we stayed on the “high road” while other estates were bending the lockdown regulations. Coming out of Covid, the golf industry benefited from being one of the few sports allowed. Our estate benefited from an influx of families who could remodel their lives or work from home. We budgeted conservatively, knowing that the fallout could be dramatic – especially regarding tourism.


Other Links members feared that we, as an estate, could not manage the expected economic downturn, even fearing a devaluation in their investment. Over the past two years, we (the Board and Exco) have steered our big ship through the rough seas without any need for reserves or retained income. In year one, that equated to more than R3 million in excess funds earned. In year two, the returns are even higher. Financially, the estate is as strong as ever!


We expanded our water treatment plant and are now not reliant on municipal supply, and have made upgrades to infrastructure throughout the estate. We have drawn up new plans for alternative energy (solar) and are now weighing those options against the idea of expanding lifestyle amenities on the estate for our growing families, including a multi-sport facility. In the same period, our course rose further up in the rankings to number 4; we received accolades for our environmental compliance and good governance nationally, and we secured hosting the second oldest Tour event in the country for three years.


Through it all, the Board and EXCO have worked in harmony to ensure a positive future for all. But what started as noise from a minority group of owners known as CHOG (Concerned Homeowner Group) who want changes regarding the Developer’s future and the Developer’s role after 16 years has snowballed into a situation which may now head to the courts.  And for 16 years, we have clean audits, no fraud, no corruption and funny enough, no complaints for the first 14 years from anyone who is part of this group … until Covid broke out.  Sadly this unfortunate occurrence is not new to estate living.


The correspondence from the representative of CHOG to management and eventually the Board, led to hours and hours of back and forth and over 1000 pages of documents over more than a year, meetings and more.  And then, on Monday morning, we awoke to a News 24 story by a reporter who was provided with information, containing several factual errors after being contacted by a concerned resident – go figure. The headline was certainly more sensational than the article.

However, now it’s out there, providing the uninformed reason to cast a shadow over one of the most successful estates ever in SA! St Francis Links has earned the respect of the industry, tourism and certainly the majority of the 520 stakeholders who have invested here.


WHAT A SHAME. Shame on the resident who thought it best to take their fight public and shame on those who put their personal issues ahead of the values of this great estate and the interests of all our owners who love and appreciate this great place!  Many estates in SA and around the world who have dealt with similar matters choose a legal avenue. Ours has now gone legal too …


My role is to lead a team from golf course staff to accounts administrators who all understand our WHY – every guest is a potential member, ambassador or returning guest. Every day, we all wake up with the best of intentions, with the commitment to provide the best estate living experience, golfing experience, lifestyle experience and future for all who live here.


News 24 – Do you want to print a  good story instead of one-sided sensationalism? Here’s mine on behalf of nearly 90 committed employees and 500 happy homeowners!  This too shall pass!

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