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Vodacom Origins of Golf Returns

…and you should come and watch!

The Vodacom Origins of Golf is in it’s second decade of play and we have hosted many events here and at Pezula before. The finals will be played the first week in November concluding on Saturday, the 5th with 72 amateurs and 72 professionals playing a two-day pro-am on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then the professionals will follow on playing 54 holes on our great course. Last year, young Christiaan Basson posted the best 54-hole total in our history eking out a one shot victory as 19 players broke par. This year, he will be joined by other winners from the Vodacom events played before ours as well as the likes of Titch, Wallie and Lyle, out local favorites. We would really like to encourage you and your friends to make a plan and join us for the 2016 Vodacom Origins of Golf FINAL at St Francis Links from 31 October to 5 November. 

V5   basson

Scoring conditions were great for the 2015 Vodacom Origins of Golf 


Madalitso played on the Canadian Tour before returning to the Sunshine Tour 


Vaughn wins at Arabella and knows this course well 


Jacques returns to the winner’s circle!


Justin lit it up at Simola and Okkie Strydom is hitting stride with a final round 61

A4SFL 17thpar3 tee

The 17th has yielded 57 holes-in-one – that’ll be a good place to watch! 

Why the strokes fall where they do! 

The strokes on the holes have, of course, no impact on individual stableford scores and are mainly there for matchplay games. If you consider that just about every game of golf played in South Africa has a “private game” between the players, where players get these strokes is important. Most games have a fairly small difference in the handicaps and so the strokes tend to come on the low stroke holes.
According to section 10 of the South African Handicap Manual, the stroke 1 hole is the hole where the higher handicap player is most likely to need a stroke for an equaliser. In other words, if a low-handicap golfer is just as likely to make bogey as a high-handicapper, a stroke isn’t needed.
Clubs should follow the guidelines copied below, and also not have low strokes near the beginning or end of the nine.

Section 10
10.1 Principles; Possible Value to Recipient

A handicap stroke is, by nature, an equaliser and should be available on a hole where it is most likely to be needed.

In allocating the order of handicap strokes to the 18 holes of a golf course, consideration should be given to the likelihood of the strokes being of use as equalisers to the players receiving them.

To accomplish this, the following is recommended:

a) Odd Strokes to First Nine
Assign the odd numbered strokes to the holes on the first nine and the even-numbered strokes to the holes on the second nine. This equalises as nearly as possible the distribution of handicap strokes over the entire 18 holes, making matches more equitable and helping in the playing off of matches ending in ties. In cases where the second nine is decidedly more difficult than the first nine, consideration may be given to allocating odd numbered strokes to the second nine.

b) Basis of allocation
Allocate the first stroke to the hole on the first nine on which the higher- handicapped player most needs a stroke as an equaliser and the second stroke to the hole on the second nine on which the higher-handicapped player most needs a stroke as an equaliser. Continue alternating in this manner for the full 18 holes.

It is felt that the higher-handicapped player most needs strokes as equalisers on difficult par-5 holes, followed in sequence by difficult par-4s, other par-5s, other par-4s and finally par-3s. An exceptionally difficult par-3 might warrant being allocated a stroke before an exceptionally easy par-4 or par-5.

c) Importance of Early Strokes
When allocating the first handicap stroke, consideration should be given to its probable usefulness in matches between players of practically equal ability, such as those involving scratch and 1-handicap players, 10- and 11-handicap players, or 29- and 30-handicap players. It is in such matches that the first handicap stroke will be of the greatest importance as an equalizer to the player receiving it. In allocating the second handicap stroke, matches between players having a slightly greater difference in handicaps should be given the most consideration, such as those between players having scratch and 2- handicaps, 10- and 12- handicaps or 28- and 30-handicaps. This process should be continued until all strokes have been assigned.

d) Low Strokes not Near End
Without seriously violating the foregoing principles, allocation of the lower-numbered strokes to holes near the end of each nine should be avoided, as players on the receiving end would like to use their strokes before matches are lost.

e) Low Strokes not at Beginning
Conversely, it is desirable to avoid allocating the lower-numbered strokes to the first hole or two in the event of a sudden-death play-off in a handicap match.

10.3 Nine-Hole Courses
These principles apply equally to a 9-hole course played.

10.4 Discretion of Committee
The recommended procedure for allocating handicap strokes is not mandatory since it has a minimal effect on the size of the handicap itself. Because no formula can be established to cover conditions on every golf course, good judgement is of prime importance. The golf committee should review the course hole by hole bearing in mind the basic principle of equalising the abilities of golfers in different handicap brackets. Common sense will dictate how closely the recommendations should be followed.

It is permissible for committees to use rounds played to calculate the relative difficulty of every hole. The recommended procedure is to use at least 500 rounds with players of varying ability. Ideally, scores for players with handicaps in excess of 18, should not be used. The relative difficulty of each hole is the average score, accurate to 3 decimal places, less the par allocation for that hole.


Inter-estate team come first at Pezula! 

…with a little help from our friends at Pezula 



We won by one POINT…

Pezula1     Over All


With two games left we are looking to close the gap on Mosselbay to take the title, Go Get Them TEAM

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Friendly Faces – introducing our Team

In weeks to come, we will be introducing the new faces here at St Francis Links. First up is a member of the Golf Operations team…

Henry Matroos, Golf Cart attendant – Driving Range
Henry Matroos has been with us since the 9th of November, 2015. His friendly smile will be very familiar on the driving range and assisting members and guests with any of their golfing needs.
Henry is the father of 1 and stays in Humansdorp.

Catherine Warren (Auntie Cat), Halfway Kitchen
Catherine Warren is married to Gordon Warren for 22 years with 3 kids; she is grandmother to 6 grandchildren. Her one daughter Tanielle also works at St Francis Links as a bar lady in Jacks Bar. She said, “I’ve worked for St Francis Links approximately 10years. I am proud to be associated with a company like The Links”.


Henry1    cat1jpg






Proudly Sponsored – ITEC SOLUTIONS will be our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

(every Tuesday) – 10am Coffee Break for our lady members

October 12: Open Wednesday – playing for the MEAT – invite your friends at special rates
October 20: PSG Corporate Golf Day – 120 Pax
October 30-November 6: Sunshine Tour returns with the Vodacom Origin’s of Golf FINALS



Note the Date Changes for 2016:

April 9: 1st Qualifier for the Nicklaus Champion of Champions
April 23-24: Club Championships, Sean Botha and Janine VD Merwe, repeat Champions
May 29: Interestate Challenge at Mossel Bay (4th from 7) 
June 4: Ladies 10th Annual Invitational – Helen Bridges and Jean Fynn, Champions 
June 18: 2nd Qualifier for the Nicklaus Champion of Champions
July 9: Sanlam Cancer Challenge – SFL Qualifier
June 26: Inter- Estate Challenge at Oubaai
July 15-17: Men’s Invitational – Leslie Krause and Hermanus Potgieter, Champions


Proud Sponsors of the Ladies OPEN Weekend and the ANNUAL

July 17: 3rd Qualifier for the Nicklaus Champion of Champions
July 30: 4th Qualifier for the Nicklaus Champion of Champions
July 31: Inter-Estate Challenge at St Francis Links 
August 6: 5th Qualifier for the Nicklaus Champion of Champions
August 8-23: Spring Programme – Course and Clubhouse Closed
August 21: Sanlam Cancer Challenge FINALS
August 21: Inter-Estate Challenge Simola
September 24: Final Qualifier for the Nicklaus Champion of Champions 
September 30, October 1-2: Links Cup
October 2: Inter-Estate Challenge at Pezula – St Francis Links were the winners! 
October 30: Inter-Estate Challenge at Goose Valley NEW DATE
October 30-November 6: Vodacom Origins of Golf FINALS (Sunshine Tour – course Closed)
November 19-20: Pam Golding Ladies OPEN Weekend
November 25-27: Nicklaus Champion of Champions (Serengeti)
November 27: Inter-Estate Challenge FINALS at Pinnacle Point

December 9-11 – 10th Year Anniversary Activities (watch this space)


2016 International Events

US Masters – Augusta National, Georgia – April 7-10 – Danny Willett, Champion
US Open – Oakmont CC, Oakmont, Pennsylvania – June 16-19 – Dustin Johnson, Champion
Open Championship – Royal Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland – July 14-17 – Henrik Stenson, Champion
US PGA – Baltusrol (Lower Course), Springfield, New Jersey – July 28-31 – Jimmy Walker, Champion
The Ryder Cup – Hazeltine, Minnesota – September 30 to October 2 – USA USA USA

Every Great shot starts with a SMILE santa


Ruan’s great form brings Boardwalk victory
Ruan de Smidt took his second Sunshine Tour title in three weeks on Saturday as he carded a three-under-par 69 to win the R700,000 Sun Boardwalk Challenge at Humewood Golf Club. Ruan recently played here in the Oakley Crossover in July – he’ll be one to watch! 



The St Francis Links Team

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