My Friend, Robert House!

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Everyone’s Man behind the scene! 

Robert and I would pull an all-nighter and change around the Golf Shop. Charlie Epps would return from a golf trip with the members and find our work – sometimes with great support, sometimes surprise and sometimes with, “I liked it they way it was”. Whatever the reaction, it was still worth the effort! Robert is the man the members have always counted on – behind the scenes, keeping their clubs cleaned and and ready for play. When he and I started together at Houston Country Club in about 1981 (yep, 35 years ago) we made a pretty good team for the members. Today, he is still there – doing what he does best – looking after the members and now the members’ kids and grandchildren! Recently, Mr and Mrs John Stanton came to St Francis Links with the Kalos Cruises. I sent them back with a cap and a message. He replied with a smile and his classic “scratch of his head”.  By the way, that’s me near the middle! 

robert Robert

1983 ‘The Invitational’ Men’s Member-Guest at Houston CC with Robert; Robert today, 35 years later – still running the outside operations. 

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