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The KING’S golf tips…

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The most important thing about putting is to remain absolutely motionless. Only your hands and arms should move during the stroke. To eliminate body movement, I try to feel “inward” when I set up. I like to feel that my elbows and my knees are pinched in toward an imaginary axis that runs through the middle of my body. This feeling keeps my weight centered and my body quiet throughout the stroke.

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Many shots stray because the golfer has rolled the wrists to the left–closing the clubface–during impact, or moved the club “across the ball” through the hitting area.To eliminate these causes of misdirected shots, continue the clubhead along the target line for an instant longer than normal after impact. Extending the impact zone will automatically give you a full extension of your right arm on the follow-through and a nice, high finish position.

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Thinus Keller
Head PGA Golf Professional
RIP Mr. Palmer

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