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Take a trip to Victoria West

Several member couples will have the honour to play in the Karoo Classic in Victoria West this week. It may be one of the hottest golfing tickets anywhere. Having watched the top players in the world play at Oak Hill in the PGA Championship where the fairways were narrow and the rough thick, this course will offer something completely different. For balls that come to rest in the “never mown” fairways. will be allowed to use our own “fairways” for play. Charl Blaauw, our extremely talented SUP has prepared our fairway for us, ensuring the perfect surface for play.

I had the pleasure of playing in the event last year, so I am sure my course knowledge will go far this year. Once again, longtime residents and members, Jannie and Bimpie Olivier will be our hosts. Their involvement in the Classic extends nearly 40 years.

As you can imagine, with the field limited to 180 players, getting in is a privilege. Staying in requires uninterrupted years of participation. The food that accompanies the event is second to none on the planet – Karoo lamb and all that comes with it. The prize table is worth thousands and the GEES is incomparable.

Maybe you just want to play a casual round there Here are the details. Unfortunately, we do not have reciprocity as they are a destination to themselves.

‘Like the new John Daly’: How the Michael Block legend was born Sunday at the PGA

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — PGA Championship! PGA Championship Sunday! A PGA Championship Sunday pairing with Rory McIlroy! Let’s go, Michael Block! This was it!! Cinderella had on golf shoes. Do you believe in miracles? Yes!

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On the Bag – Nick Geerts!

The Golfing Restaurateur

Nick Geerts, property owner and owner of 22 Eatery in St Francis Bay, has been asked to help by the PGA Championship’s 2022 winner, and 4-time European tour champion, George Coetzee. George is a close friend of Nick and asked him to fly to Italy and have the honour of caddying for him.

The DP World Tour travelled to Rome and the first event was hosted by Nick’s childhood home club. Marco Simone GC was where it all began for him and his brother Philip Geerts – who is a playing professional and regular guest in St Francis Bay.

Unfortunately, George was hindered by an injury and didn’t make the cut. That brought about a bag change to Englishman, David Horsey. Nick and David get along well and have the potential for a good finish through Rinkven International GC, Belgium.

Play what suits you!

Taylormade is offering an unmatched balance of style and performance that leading professional golfers have come to trust, such as Rickie Fowler.
The tour-validated performance with the precise path alignment offers tee-to-green performance.

This innovative visual technology allows you to align the ball perfectly and gauge the quality of your putting stroke.

The technology doesn’t stop around the green, the all-new flight dimple pattern unlocks the next level of aerodynamics while promoting a great balance of distance and stopping power, especially if you are coming in with a long iron.

The TP5x Golf ball has always been seen as one of the market leaders in the game of tour performance balls, making use of an even softer urethane cover for improved groove interaction, assisting with more feel and proven spin control.

Please see below a diagram of the tour performance balls that we have on offer.



Ladies, please don’t think we have forgotten of you! We are very excited to have received the Taylormade Kalea ball.

This ball was engineered with you in mind. To promote greater launch angle and distance while offering a soft feel around the green.

The ball comes with a 342-dimple pattern configuration to add to the aerodynamic characteristics of the ball and allow improved overall yardage the ball can gain.



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