Low trajectory high spinning wedge shots

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You see it on the PGA Tour… late at night you sit and watch golf and think to yourself “Why can’t I get spin like that?’’

I will discuss a few important factors that will help you generate more spin.

1. Equipment – If you are playing with dirty wedges or you have worn your grooves down, forget it. You need fresh wedges. The pro’s don’t play with old equipment.

2. Golf Ball – You get what you pay for! Well done, you bought a dozen balls for R200… Good luck getting to stop the ball anywhere on the green. The guys you see on TV play with the most expensive and softest balls on the market.

At this point you will think’’ Geez that’s a bit harsh Thinus!’’ let me continue…

3. Speed – The more speed you have in your swing the more friction there is between the ball and the clubhead.

Why did I write this article? To tell you that you can buy equipment that will help you spin the ball and with some lessons help you generate more speed in your golf swing. The combination of lessons and the correct equipment will put a smile on your face again.

Happy Golfer

See you in the golf shop and at the practice tee!

Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional

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