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Meyer Du Toit was my Assistant PGA Professional at Pezula. He has been my good friend for nearly 22 years and he is one of South Africa’s leaders in the Golf Industry. Meyer has been the GM at SanLameer for a number of years. Along with his wife, Vickey, they reshaped the look and feel of the Club. I mean that in a number of ways. Meyer got stuck into the playability of the course, recommending changes that would also improve the beauty, as well. They were involved when the Club was remodelled and the improvements make the Club much more comfortable. Add the Pizza Oven, the concerts, the special events, the upgrades to the Par-3 course, night golf and much more and you have a vibrant Club and great golfing destination. Oh, did I mention the mountain bike track; that works, too!

Meyer was named PGA Professional of the Year for his great leadership, innovative skills and contributions to the Great Game of Golf.  He’s on a diet as much as me and has probably gained and lost as many pounds as me, as well! Meyer is the host with the most, providing great memories for everyone he has ever met.

His love for the game and those who play helped to develop a long relationship with Branden Grace. Vickey and Nieke are also great friends. They have travelled to the Majors together (Meyer once had to lose a few Kilos to earn a “free ride” and he did). The went to the Open Championship, The Presidents Cup and The US OPEN. Meyer carried Branden’s bag at the Par-3 Tournament before the Masters at Augusta and now they are going to take their relationship to another level. Meyer is becoming part of Branden’s Management team and will relocate to America with Vickey. His decision was backed by his Club Chairman, who Meyer said could not have been more supportive. They part ways amicably and I am sure the DuToit’s will be sorely missed.

Meyer’s first real assignment was to meet the team in JHB and assist with things at the SA Open. I don’t think he gave Branden any putting advice, that came from coach Brad Faxon; Branden rolled in putt after putt to win South Africa’s Major coming from behind. He followed up this week with a T-17 performance in the Desert. Meyer will join Gracie for the Waste Management tournament (formerly the Phoenix Open) next week.

Good luck, you two! We are all proud of you! 

Now the Number 1 Jack Nicklaus Course in AFRICA

Number 5 in South Africa

Changes at Augusta?

The Folks from Augusta sweetened the coffers at Augusta GC when they purchased some more land from their neighbours. The Google Earth photos of a dormant Augusta National reveal an additional piece of land at the top of the left-hand picture. From what appears to be a new tee complex, the carry can now be as much as 340 yards

Big Points – Big WIN!

Wednesday school!

Call it the new Slope system or just call it pure talent, but when Dr Danie Cronjé “assisted” his partner, Mel Maubec, with SEVEN points you wouldn’t think much of it; however, Mel made 44 points on his own – giving them 51 Betterball points. The boys had been sitting quietly on the deck sipping their cool drinks waiting patiently for prizegiving, without tipping their hand until the results were read. Check out the rather smug expressions in the winners’ pic (left) and the look on Hein’s face (right) when the names and scores were announced!

The 2020 Calendar

This year, we will be seeing more weddings, fewer golfing National events (due to rotation) and more member functions as our member play is the fastest-growing category in golf. We look forward to more sponsored days with ITEC and Selective Lighting/The Fire Works and the addition of a new partnership between Pam Golding Properties and Village Square SuperSpar.

4-5        Jan         The Pam Golding Annual, SFBGC Champions, Series tied 7 all
7-8        Jan          Men’s Member-Member Partnership, Roger Smith and Charlie Gilmore, Champions
  8          Jan          ITEC Open Wednesday, Dr  Danie Cronjé and Mel Maubec, winners on 51pts 
18         Jan           Windhoek Pairs qualifying, Geoff Garratt and Ernest Müller, winners on 49 pts 
29         Jan           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  7         Feb           Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
12         Feb           ITEC Open Wednesday
14          Feb           Valentine’s Day Dress-up Golf; Dinner with entertainment
26          Feb           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  6         Mar          Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
12         Mar            ITEC Open Wednesday
25         Mar            Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
27         Mar            Ernie Els for Autism Golf Day
  5          Apr           Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
  8         Apr             ITEC Open Wednesday
24-26    Apr            Club Championships
  1          May          Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
13          May            ITEC Open Wednesday
21-22    May           Woodlands Dairy Charity Days for HOSPICE
27         May            Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  5          Jun           Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
  6          Jun            The Bard’au Ladies’ Invitational
10         Jun             ITEC Open Wednesday
17-19    Jun             Nomads National Order of Merit* – Juniors earning International points
24         Jun             Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  3          Jul             Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
  8         Jul               ITEC Open Wednesday
17-19    Jul               Men’s Invitational
29         Jul               Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  1-2       Aug           EP Amateur Championships (course closed)
  7         Aug              Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
  8-9       Aug            EP Amateur Championships – Matchplay finals
20-3       Aug/Sep  Closed for Spring Programme
  4         Sep                Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
  9         Sep                ITEC Open Wednesday
25-27    Sep               LINKS CUP South Africa (Ryder Cup at Whistling Straights)
30         Sep               Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  2          Oct              Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
  3          Oct               Stulting Golf Day
14          Oct               ITEC Open Wednesday
28          Oct               Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
  5          Nov              Eastern Province SENIORS
  6          Nov               Selective Lighting/FireWorks 9-Hole Comp
11          Nov                ITEC Open Wednesday
16         Nov                Men’s Muirfield Day (3rd Annual)
22          Nov               “The Trophy” – St Francis Links sponsored Amateur Champs
25          Nov               Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance
25         Nov                Members’ Oscars
  5          Dec              Ladies’ Member-Member
  9          Dec               ITEC Open Wednesday
12         Dec                Ultimate Par-3 Championships
16         Dec                The Kromme-Enviro Trust Amazing Race
5-6        Jan               Men’s Member-Member Partnership
8-9      Jan                 The Pam Golding Annual

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