Let’s go Nazeem!

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 Let’s go Nazeem!
Our young PGA apprentice has had a great rise in the ranks at St Francis Links!

Nazeem Goeda started off as a cart attendant 8 years ago, helping golfers with their bags and cleaning clubs on the turn.

He quickly showed an interest in the game of golf. With the help of a few of our previous PGA professionals (Christo Krugel and Thinus Keller) who coached and mentored him in the game we love so much!

Nazeem rose from a cart attendant to a bus driver to eventually being able to join the PGA associate programme!

He has grasped this amazing opportunity with both hands and has become a particularly good golfer and a vital part of the golfing operation.

Currently he is at residentials where all PGA apprentices are taking classes to complete the globally recognised programme.

To become a PGA professional, you must complete a three-year course covering the following subjects:

  • Coaching
  • Custom Fitting
  • Sports Science
  • Rules of Golf
  • Club Repairs
  • Club Building & Equipment Technology
  • Retail & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Law & Business Practice

We wish Nazeem good luck with his classes, and we are incredibly happy to have him on our team!

 Bowling them over!
We had our first ever Bowls Competition between St Francis Bay and St Francis Links.

It was an awesome event that saw both teams in high spirits!

To protect a few bruised egos, we won’t go into the scores, but we would like to congratulate the Bay on their inaugural victory!

We will look to do this again in the future, please keep an eye on the club communication platforms!

Callaway Chrome Tour wins in Louisville
Xander Schauffele managed to secure his first major victory this past weekend with an incredible performance. His birdie on the 72nd hole to secure a 1 stroke victory also set a new scoring record in a major championship.

Schauffele put his trust in the all-new Callaway Chrome Tour golf ball… It just so happens that the golf shop received some Chrome Tour balls following this outstanding achievement.

There are two different types of Callaway Chrome Tour balls. The Chrome Tour X and the Chrome Tour. I am often asked to give recommendations on what golf ball a player should be using. Please see below a comparison of the two new releases.

Both versions of the Chrome Tour are premium 4-piece construction balls.

The Chrome Tour X is designed for the better, faster-swinging players who want excellent spin consistency and Tour level short game control. It features new Seamless Tour AreaTM which delivers a consistent penetrating ball flight on every shot. Whilst the High-Performance Tour Urethane cover consistently delivers maximum greenside control. The new Optimised Core is designed to produce maximum ball speed for long distance.

The Chrome Tour is designed for max distance with a lower spin profile for players who want long distance and a straight ball flight.

The Chrome Tour also features the new Seamless Tour AeroTM resulting in a consistent ball flight on every shot. The Chrome Tour has incredible feel and greenside control thanks to the High-Performance Tour Urethane cover. The new Hyper Elastic Core produces faster ball speed for long distance.

The Chrome Tour is also available with Callaway’s signature Tripple Track Technology. Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp. And when you’re standing over the ball, the three lines make it very easy to see the line at address. That’s a big help on every putt, especially from inside of 10 feet, where finding the right line is even more crucial for making putts.

Swing past the St Francis Links golf shop and let one of our wonderful staff members assist you in finding the perfect ball for your game.

Top golfers of the WEEK!
Yan Coesens
Charl Blaauw (Left) Hein Spangenberg (Right) Pieter Zietsman (Left) Emile Nel (Right)
Cornelia Alberts
David Harpur
Mike Barratt
Brett Meyer

 What’s coming up?
Ladies Member Guest – 01 June 2024:
St Francis Links lady members are encouraged to invite one of their golfing friends (non-members) for a day of great golf and endless FUN!

This is a chance to get your name on our Champions Board!

Nominated members who are handicapped at St Francis Links are also welcome to enter!

Please enter by clicking on the link below.

Enter Now!

Great feelings
What are you thinking?
When you’re faced with this shot; what are you thinking? Are you “hoping” it might finish close, but prepared to be “grateful” if it finishes on the green?
If you don’t feel confident with this shot, please know the smallest technique improvements make a huge impact on how you experience the game on the golf course.
Feel better before and after
Let us change how you feel even before you play this shot. Let us remove the doubt or fear of failure. Let us give you real confidence.
Book now

Golf is a great game because it’s for all ages. It’s for all skill levels. It’s for men and women. The right equipment for your game changes your experience out on the golf course. If you’re an experienced golfer with a more moderate swing speed, please contact us to set up a XXI0 13 experience.
Contact us

Take advantage of tech
Iron play can be a lot easier
Modern iron faces have larger hitting zones. So when you don’t strike it on-centre, your ball speed is still up and your target still within reach. We can make it easier for you to hit closer to the centre.
Ask about lie angle
One fit for better impact
Knowing your irons have you covered for off-centre strikes is great, but you double your advantage when your lie angle is correct. It helps you to square the face at impact and make full use of those forgiving iron faces.
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