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She has qualified for 2 World Championship events!

As a Links resident and representative from St Francis Bay, let’s make Amica De Jager’s amazing hard work and talent pay off by assisting in her expenses to participate in two different World Championship events- Hungary and Italy

Please help Amica get to World Championships

By: Amica De Jager
Short URL: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/amica-de-jager
Personal message
Hi, I am Amica De Jager, and I am from Eastern Cape, St Francis Bay.

I have qualified for 2 World Championship events this year…

1. OPEN WATER SWIMMING 19th FINA World Championships, Budapest, Hungary, 26th June – 29th June 2022.

2. LIFESAVING Lifesaving World Championships, Riccione, Italy, 20th September – 9th October 2022.

After two years of just-just missing out, I have qualified for the 19th FINA World Championships in both the 5km and 10km races this year. This has been a long time goal of mine, as it is a stepping stone en route to the biggest sporting stage of all… the Olympic Games. My goal is to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Being able to attend the FINA World Championships this year would significantly benefit my swimming, as it will provide me with an opportunity to gain invaluable experience on the extremely competitive world stage and aid in my preparations for achieving my Olympic dream. I am already one step closer!

I have also been selected to participate in the Lifesaving World Championships as part of the South African team. Lifesaving is another sport of my heart, and being able to represent South Africa at the highest level means the world to me. It is not just a sport but a culture. A multinational family of people with one ultimate goal. It is saving lives.

I would appreciate it so much if you could help me get to Worlds x2. Any donation or sponsorship, large or small, would mean the world to me.

Lots and lots of love and appreciation, Amica

Note: She happens to be a top scholar TOO! 


Property Sales for 2021 were amazing! Check out this report from Richard Arderne, Principal of Pam Golding Properties

Property Sales in St Francis Bay almost reached R1 billion in 2021

Property sales totaled R976m in St Francis Bay in 2021. Obviously, this exceptionally high figure is due mainly to St Francis becoming even more popular during the pandemic. The graph of sales volumes in St Francis since 2012 shows how 2021 stands out as an exceptional year, way ahead of the previous nine years, where sales volumes trended only slightly upwards.
Unsurprisingly, the value of properties sold on the Canals at R323m was the highest, with Santareme and the Port surprisingly easily second with R231m (of which the Port was R77m and Santareme R154m). Next was the Village with R156m, the Links with R133m, and Cape St Francis with R131m. Santareme and the Port had the most sales with 166 (Port 49 and Santareme 117), then the Links with 121, the Village with 85, the Canals with 77, and Cape St Francis with 64.
The highest average price was obviously in the Canals at R4.2m, then Cape St Francis at R2.0m, the Village at R1.8m, the Port at R1.6m, Santareme at R1.3m and the Links at R1.1m.
The Deeds Office does not distinguish between vacant and developed plots, so these figures include plot sales, which will have the biggest impact where there are many plot sales, such as the Links and Santareme, where the average prices for houses would obviously be much higher than these figures.
There were a few industrial and Sea Vista sales but these only totaled R2m.
These figures exclude properties on the east side of the river, and on the river north of the bridge, as well as small holdings (eg Oyster Bay Road area). If these are included, the R1billion mark would definitely be exceeded. The information was obtained from Lightstone, a property data company, which has access to Deeds Office information.
The reason for the delay in providing these figures for 2021 is due to the delay in transfers after-sales. By mid-May, virtually all 2021 sales would have registered, and therefore the 2021 Deeds Office figures will be very accurate.

The PGA is ON! 3-6 November 2022

Golf Events

21 May  – Saturday – Medal and IPS – “A”- Shaun Viljoen (G) and Leon Engelbrecht (N), “B” – Hein Spangenberg (G) and Michael Barratt (N); IPS – Carleton Holmes; Ladies – Lynn Slogrove (G) and Helen Bridges (N); IPS -Kay Sadler

24 May – Re/MAX Royale – Barry Davis

Highlight of the week

Our Next Family Fun Friday BONUS

June 3 is the date for the next Family Fun Friday with family Fun kicking off at 16h30 on the lawn. Special thanks to Deandre Dreyer and I-FIBRE for the generous support! The bonus before the Family FUN will be a talk from one of SA’s greatest “survivors”,  Steve McGown, who survived 6 years after being captured by Al Qaeda. He’s on at 15h00

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The 2021 Calendar and results



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