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Dr Lynn still has what it takes!

I’ve known Lynn for many years now and she is a champion – on and off the course! She loves the great game of golf and she has achieved at the highest level playing the game! Lynn missed last year’s Champs due to illness but returned this year to play again, Over the years, she has been the benchmark for ladies’ golf in the Eastern Cape and has always set the bar high. Some would assume that when she enters, she will win – call it intimidation through success. This year was different. Rita DuPlessis can play. Her short game is immaculate and she strikes the ball with force. Rita won last year and this was the year to see the champions meet face to face and welcome a young up-and-comer in the mix. Young Izzy (Isabella) Obray has been moving up in ladies’ golf quickly, improving to a 6 index in the matter of a couple of years. She finished runner-up in the Gross and Rita claimed the net prize.

But it was Lynn and Rita who fought it out; Rita was one-up after 18 and Lynn pulled her back on the way home. As I said at Prizegiving, winning is not easy and it doesn’t matter if you’re playing the Club Champs or the US Open. Lynn was visibly shaking when she arrived at the 18th green saying, “DON’T TELL ME. I DON’T KNOW WHERE I STAND AND I DON’T WANT TO KNOW”. Well, it turns out she was two ahead and made four on the last to win by three. When I went to offer support to Rita, she was crushed and drained. She put in the effort and came up short. Izzy played in her 1st Champs and I am she learned some good lessons from the other two. Golf is hard and it requires both physical and mental strength to play it well!

Lesley Fisher won the B Division and Kay Sadler did herself proud competing in Champs for the first time playing medal!


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Players of the Week

Saturday School – Sandra Marais and Kay Sadler

Wednesday Competition – Alliance, Alex MacPhail, Brad Rogers, Will Rogers, and Daryl VD Vyver

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Team member of the Week: 

Shaheedah TEE

My name is Shaheedah and I have been with the Links for 14years this year September. Some members agree that I am part of the furniture here!

I started as a waitress but felt it was not enough for me. I was promoted and am now working as an Assistant Food & Beverage Manager but am always willing to work anywhere where I am needed. That is what I love most about my work … doing different things as the need arises. I love to work in the hospitality industry as every day is a new challenge. I love meeting new people from all around the world and welcoming past visitors back to our stunning golf course and clubhouse.

I am the eldest of 6 children with 3 boys and 3 girls. I am the mother of 3 kids aged 15, 11, and a youngster at 14 months. I am engaged to their Dad, but we haven’t yet set a date for our big day. I love working with numbers and my first career choice was to be an auditor.  I have studied BCom at the NMMU Campus in Port Elizabeth for 2 years, but circumstances did not allow me to complete my studies. I started working at St Francis Links and have not looked back.

I love doing what I do and my motto in life is to “Always spread the love”.

Thank you all for caring about your course – #leading the way




The 2021 Calendar and results

We look forward to our sponsored days with ITEC and Selective Lighting/The Fire Works and Pam Golding Properties and Village Square SuperSpar events.

New events – Ladies’ and Men’s Medal will be played on the 1st Wednesday of every month

7-8        Jan          Men’s Member-Member Partnership, Mark Ward and Richard Sharwood, Champions

13         Jan            ITEC Open Wednesday, Hein Spangenberg and Yan Coesens, 51pts 

27         Jan           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Hein Spangenberg, Yan Coesens, Daryl vd Vyver and David vd Vyver, 92 Points

3           Feb           Monthly MEDAL, Shaun Viljoen and Lynn Slogrove

10         Feb           ITEC Wednesday, Yan Coesens and Hein Spangenberg, 47pts

14         Feb           Valentine’s Day Dress-up Golf; Gavin and Jaunita Gobby, 41pts

20         Feb           Greensomes, Scott Keevy and Deon Marais, 41 pts

24         Feb           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Simon Haigh, Yan Coesens, Charl Blaauw, Hein Spangenberg, 86pts

3           Mar          Monthly MEDAL, Gross – Fred V Eyssen, Nett – Brett Wilson-Jones, 69, Stableford – Hein Spangenberg, 35pts

5           Mar          Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun, Graham Botha and Geoff Garratt, 24pts

6-7       Mar          Pam Golding Annual – SFL vs SFB, SFB, 37.15 ave, SFL, 36.83 ave (.32 difference)

10         Mar          ITEC Wednesday, Charlie Gilmore and Neil Jones, 44pts

20        Mar          Foursomes, Dave Micklem and Norman Rock, 40 pts

31         Mar          Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Norman Rock, Tim Elliott, Michael Barratt and Ronnie Nienaber, 81pts 

2          Apr           Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun, Debbie McCracken and Michael McGahey, 24pts 

2-4      Apr           Easter Weekend

7          Apr           Monthly MEDAL, Rita Du Plessis and Malcolm White 

9         Apr            Masters Par-3, shotgun at 15h00 (sponsored by Fitch and Leeds), Graham Botha 

27-28 Apr           Ladies Championships, Medal, Lynn Slogrove (G), Rita DuPlessis (N)

1-2      May          Stableford Championships (Men and Ladies)

7          May         Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun

12        May         ITEC Wednesday

26       May         Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance

29-30 May         Pam Golding Ladies’ OPEN Weekend

2          Jun          Monthly MEDAL

4          Jun           Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun

9          Jun           ITEC Wednesday

23        Jun           Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance

30-3    Jul            Nomads National Order of Merit (International Points)

7          Jul            Monthly MEDAL

16-18   Jul            Men’s 15th Invitational Member/Guest

18-21   Jul            30th Road Trip (PGA Invitational)

28        Jul            Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance,

6          Aug           Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun (postponed)

11        Aug           ITEC Wednesday –

14        Aug           Greensomes   –

21        Aug           Ladies’ Invitational

26       Aug           Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance,

1          Sep           Monthly MEDAL

3         Sep            Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun

8         Sep            ITEC Open Wednesday

12       Sep            Foursomes

25-26 Sep           Links Cup (Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits)

27-11  Oct           Hollow-tining Spring Programme (Course Closed – Provisional)


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