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jack1Jack Nicklaus is a name long associated with greatness. Also known as The Golden Bear, Nicklaus boasts 105 professional victories worldwide, including a record 18 professional major championships, ranking him amongst the greatest sport stars of all times.

The Nicklaus name is now also associated with the best in course design world wide. Nicklaus Design boasts more than 300 courses open for play in 29 different countries. Of those, the Golden Bear has been involved in the design of 250 courses. Nicklaus Design, the worlder leader in course design, has projects currently under development in 37 different countries.jacknicklausarticle At least 48 Nicklaus Design courses have been ranked in various national and international Top-100 lists (Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and Golfweek). “I did not say that; I said it may be the best course I’ve ever seen. That’s different. That’s better than the best I’ve ever done”.

It is therefore with pride that St Francis Links is counted amongst the exclusive list of Jack Nicklaus Signature Courses. “Designing a golf course is my total expression. My golf game can only go on so long, But what I have learned can be put into a piece of ground and that will last beyond me.”  “You always feel as though the last course you’ve done is the best course you’ve done, but I have never made that statement about any golf courses I have done because I’d have 200 and some people become very upset. This golf course is so spectacular and this is such a spectacular piece of property that… it was our job not to mess it up.”

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