Izzy and Hannes progress to Nationals!

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The Obrays are shining (on and off the course)

It’s a father and daughter show here at St Francis Links – Izzy is styling on the course and Stuart is guiding the Jack’s Bar upgrades – in a very short space of time!



On Sunday, Izzy Obray won the A Division of EP Regional Champion of Champions tournament at Walmer GC in PE. She also managed to get an Eagle which she was ecstatic about! There were 30 different Club Champs (Izzy from St Francis Links) competing from the EP region but Izzy will be representing EP at the National Finals 🏌🏻‍♀️⛳️🥳 @isabellaobray.golf

Izzy was also named to the Eastern Province Inter-Provisional side – big honour, young lady!
Stuart Obray and his Lighthouse Construction have assisted as project supervisors for the expansion and the bar onto the deck, the addition of a pizza station, and upgrades to the area, all to be completed this week. What a guy!

Hannes shines at The Champion of Champions

Hannes Laurens captured the Men’s “C” Division at the regional finals of the National Champion of Champions in PE. He will be joining Izzy and the finals!

Phillip, the Tournament Director from EPGU had a meeting with me on Monday and praised Hannes for his demeanour and mature golf skills, right down to his consistent pre-shot routine- Remember, he’s 11!

The PGA Championship 21-24 September

We would like to extend special thanks to our member and PGA Transportation partner for all three years, Dirk Ellis and Dirk Ellis Motors. They have been valued sponsors of the PGA Championship!

Champions on the Day – Archie and Glynnis Bell

Runners-up – Debbie McCracken and Gary Davis-Hannibal

3rd Place Kevin (I’m really an Aussie) and Janet (give him the wine) McNaughton

Darren and Sherry Pienaar hosted and day and Gary “spoke the truth” about offshore realities after the game. I asked him to share it with me and here it is!

With the ever-weakening of the Rand, one needs to ask the question, “Am I really Offshore?”

Holborn has a strong presence in 30 countries globally and I am able to tailor your retirement to suit your needs from an international perspective.

Many local providers may make use of an asset swap and report to you saying your investments are ” offshore” but unfortunately this is not always true and poses a risk to your wealth, as they still reflect on the South African balance sheet.

By structuring your Financial affairs Offshore, you can both safeguard yourself against the ever-depreciating Rand and also enjoy your retirement by mitigating unnecessary Tax, in fact, you should be living out your retirement years in a Tax neutral position.

Another question I would like to ask is whether you have been through Exchange Control or had a Clearance from SARS on your Foreign Investment Allowance. If the answer is NO, unfortunately, you are NOT Offshore.

Lastly, and most importantly, are you paying Tax in your retirement? We can mitigate this if structured correctly.

I would like to invite you to join me for a coffee at the clubhouse and we can discuss how we can effectively externalize your wealth and remove the huge risk you face by not being truly Offshore.

I look forward to your call
Darryn Pienaar
072 3598181


Darryn Pienaar

Senior Associate – Wealth Manager | Holborn

Another great week of Golf

Please acknowledge and support all of our great sponsors! Winners on the day need at least one team member present to receive their prize.


Stars of the week! 

The Juniors and the Bokke!

Coming soon!

International Captain – Thomas Grimsley – SA Captain – Graham Botha



Vietnam is waiting – Tony and Rose will take you there!

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