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Juniors are our future – we are looking after them!

I was fortunate to be a pretty gifted golfer as a child (I have a great golfing future behind me), good enough to play with adults, but young enough to learn from them, especially those who shared the rules of the game, the etiquette the game deserves and the drive to be better. Vince Phillips was a barber in town and was maybe the most positive golfer I ever played with; he reckoned if he could reach the green, he could hole the shot. He probably carried a handicap that was lower than his natural ability, but supported by his positivity. Al Hoy, a grocery store man, had his sand wedge bronzed (or at least it should have been) as he was regarded as one of the best in IOWA. He taught me a lot about the short game. My Mom was very active in girl’s golf at state level and even attracted the Girl’s State Champs to our little nine-hole gem. I caddied for her. She and Dad played on the weekends together.

Golf in IOWA was a game for everyone, the farmer to the lawyer and the teacher to the butcher. It wasn’t expensive and I think my first set of clubs was Sam Snead juniors (Driver, fairway wood, 3, 5, 7, 9, SW and putter). I moved up to used Patty Berg’s which forced me to try even harder as they were ladies’ clubs. Mom and I won the Mother-Son Champs when I was 12 and we beat the Tuckers when Tom was about 17. I don’t think that went down well.

The bottom line was the fact that I was excepted as a young golfer. I learned about every great golfer, from Bobby Jones to the Up and coming Tom Watson. I wasn’t happy when Jack beat Arnie as Arnie was soooooo cool. I watched Gary win before you had TV in SA. We copied their swings, their walks and didn’t take up smoking (even though they all did). Christo and Divan are working with some of our juniors and, to my pleasure, some of you have really embraced them, even playing with them from time to time.

Christo wrote a piece for the newsletter- This week featuring IZZY OBray

  • Age
    • 13 Years old.
  • My journey in golf so far.
    • I started lessons with Coach Brian Wessels in 2018; at that stage, my brother and I got lessons together. Coach Brian helped me to see the fun part of golf; he taught me the basics of the game and the golf swing.
    • After Brian left for America, I started taking lessons with Coach Christo Krugel at the beginning of 2019.
    • We continued to work on Grip, Aim, Setup and how it affects all the facets of the game (driving, approach shots, chipping, putting and course management).
  • When did you know that golf is something you would like to pursue?
    • I saw that golf was a great way to spend time with my family and friends. My dad took us to the driving range often and I enjoyed it so much that we started to go more and more. I love spending time with Stan (Uncle), Dad and Jayden (Brother) while playing golf.
  • Your favorite shot on the golf course?
    • 7 Iron
    • 17th Hole, I almost hit a Hole in One – it was one foot short.
  • Do you remember what your very first score was on 18 holes?
    • 114 Gross (2019)
  • What is your Personal best score on St Francis Links?
    • 96 Gross (2020)
  • What is your next challenge in golf?
    • Focus to hit fewer shots to the left as it costs me a lot each round.
    • I want to break 90 Gross by the end of 2020.
    • Eastern Province Junior Golf at Humewood – 2 August 2020
  • Which professional golfer would you really like to meet?
    • Rory McIlroy
  • Who would you say is your biggest supporter?
    • My dad – Stuart Obray

St Francis Links membership is very proud and supportive of our juniors and their development. With 3 teaching professionals on the team, our rising stars will have access to a verity of theories and applications on their golfing journey. Izzy has been adopted by our lady members and is now playing in our club competitions. One tends to have HUGE dreams for every golfer who shows promise at a young age, and that can put a lot of pressure on them mentally. The best way to make the best of a junior golfer’s talent is to be available and supportive.

Milestones and Memories

It’s always special when we can be a part of making memories – whether it’s a kids party, a wedding or a birthday. Over the last couple of weeks we have hosted two parties. Matt Carelse turned 21 and Leon Coetzee hit the magic SIX-OOOOOOH! While they were celebrating birthdays Cassie and Chanique Lötter were welcoming their daughter Libby into this big new world. A very tired Dad and a much more tired Mom went through hours and hours before Libby let the world know she was here. Both Mom and daughter are healthy.

Golfing Highlights

Starting with the juniors, Micah (7) shot 93 (68 nett) from the forward tees and Izzy (13) had her best on Wednesday with 93 (69 nett) Not to be outdone, Gavin Gobby fired a little 82 gross, after hurting his hand on the first hole. He lightened his grip and took top honours with 66 nett – a little message there!

5 pointers are rare but this week we had three in the two competitions – Carol Boonzaier did it on the 8th; Johan Potas had his on the 6th with an eagle 3 on stroke 3; Percy Owen showed them all how with a 5-pointer on the 13. ITEC Wednesday, sponsored by Scott Keevy brought a full field to the course – Keith Simpson and Mark Ward counted out Gavin Gobby and Malcolm White for the biggest prize.  Saturday’s Alliance (1,2,3) was won by Boetie Zietsman, Norman Pretorius, Hermanus Potgieter and Lesley Krause on 85 points.

For all results and other highlights CLICK HERE  

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WE ARE COOKING and your favourites are back

Curry Wednesdays just got easier!

The 2020 Calendar and results

This year, we will be seeing more weddings, fewer golfing National events (due to rotation) and more member functions as our member play is the fastest-growing category in golf. We look forward to more sponsored days with ITEC and Selective Lighting/The Fire Works and the addition of a new partnership between Pam Golding Properties and Village Square SuperSpa

4-5        Jan         The Pam Golding Annual, SFBGC Champions, Series tied 7 all

7-8        Jan          Men’s Member-Member Partnership, Roger Smith and  Charlie Gilmore, Champions

8          Jan            ITEC Open Wednesday, Dr  Danie Cronjé and Mel Maubec, winners on 51pts 

18         Jan           Windhoek Pairs qualifying, Geoff Garratt and Ernest Müller,  winners on 49pts 

29         Jan           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Gill, Hool, Garratt and Wilson-Jones on 87pts

12         Feb          ITEC Open Wednesday, Karl-Johann and Nyana Persson on 45pts

14          Feb           Valentine’s Day Dress-up Golf; Dinner with entertainment, The Gobby’s 45pts

26         Feb           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance,  Coesens, White, Gobby and Spangenberg 91 pts

12        Mar          ITEC Open Wednesday, TK and Percy Owen 51pts

22           Jul           ITEC Open Wednesday, Keith Simpson and Mark Ward 46pts

17-19    Jul             Men’s Invitational (postponed)

26-27   Jul             PGA Regional Finals (SFBGC and SFL) Canceled

29         Jul             Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance

1-2       Aug            EP Amateur Championships (postponed)

7          Aug             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun

8-9     Aug              EP Amateur Championships – Matchplay finals

 4        Sep             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun

9          Sep             ITEC Open Wednesday

25-27  Sep             LINKS CUP South Africa

30        Sep             Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance

2         Oct             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun

3          Oct              Stulting Golf Day

14        Oct               ITEC Open Wednesday

28        Oct              Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance

5          Nov            Eastern Province SENIORS

6          Nov             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun

11         Nov             ITEC Open Wednesday

16         Nov            Men’s Muirfield Day (3rd Annual)

22         Nov           “The Trophy” – St Francis Links sponsored Amateur Champs

25         Nov              Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance

25         Nov              Members’ Oscars

5           Dec             Ladies’ Member-Member

9           Dec              ITEC Open Wednesday

12         Dec              Ultimate Par-3 Championships

16         Dec              The Kromme-Enviro Trust Amazing Race

5-6       Jan             Men’s Member-Member Partnership

8-9       Jan              The Pam Golding Annual



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