How to improve your putting

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I often get asked questions about putting.

– The most common question is: ”How can I improve my putting?”
– I ask: “How often do you practice your putting?”

The reply normally is that there is no time spent practicing and then the answer is clear. Practice.

You have to spend time on the practice green. Putting is all about the ability to read greens and judge speed. When you practice putting you are not only learning muscle memory, you are using your imagination and you are developing feel. Spend time reading the putt, not only from one side but ,from all the sides. You will gather more information about the putt, the speed and the line when you walk around on the green and see all the angles.

If you practice putting I guarantee you will lower your scores and have more fun on the course.

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See you on the practice tee.
Thinus Keller
PGA Head Professional

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