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Links Garden Club


On 24 November the Links Garden Club had its first official outing. It was hosted by Charl Blaauw, Caryl Logie and Chris Roberts. We all met on the 4th Pro tee and had our meeting in the open air.

Caryl spoke about the mobile dune system, the EIA and the ROD. She spoke about the Milkwood between the 15th and the 16th and how the road was redesigned to go around this Milkwood.

She also shared a great story about the 8th hole and her story with the designer, Jack Nicklaus!

Before the 8th was constructed I (Caryl) had learnt a bit about how a golf course is built. I saw that if the 8th was built as designed a large number of trees were going to be removed and part of the special Dune ridge 5 with its Dune vegetation  cut off from the rest of the dune. So I spoke up about it and was told that was how Mr Nicklaus had designed it so that was that.  I suppose I talked some more and to keep me quiet I was told I would have to speak to Mr Nicklaus myself. The day dawned and off we set with the team. At the 3rd a discussion about the cart path,  at the 6th a discussion about lifting the course higher to be nearer to the plots. When Jack said “Well do you want a housing estate or a golf course ” Bart and I didn’t think we’d have much hope at the 8th…….. it would probably be  ‘Do you want a Nature reserve or a golf course’ . But once I’d explained the situation  to Jack his reply was “Well there’s no issue here, we’ll redesign and go down there”.

I guess that’s why we have the 8th as we know it now; thanks Caryl!

Chris spoke about the stormwater system on the estate and how we make use of all runoff water as it gets pumped back to the dams. We had questions about the fresh water on the estate and Chris explained how we treat our own water on the estate and that is why it is of the highest quality.

Charl spoke about the different veld grasses on the estate and how certain areas on the course are left to grow and the different it has made over the past couple of months. The difference between the greens, tees and fairway grasses were explained and the reasons why we are promoting the natural Bermuda grasses to eventually take over the Rye grass on the fairways.

All enjoyed the outing, and this club is something that will grow from strength to strength. Visits to nurseries, gardens and many other outings are in the pipeline for the future and there is so much to be learnt.

Good-bye Anne and Patricia; hello Lynette and Olivia

Your member liaison, Anne Johnson, is moving back to PE to be a full-time wife, mother and grandmother. Her time here was mostly spent helping the members on the estate. Always giving of her time, Anne will be missed. At Andrew’s side for the past 5+ years was Patricia Scott. Seasoned in every aspect of Links admin, Patricia was a proper right hand. She, her husband Chris, the photographer, and their two children are moving to Ireland! Best wishes.

Olivia Andrews returns to place where she started. Olivia goes back with us to our Pezula days and was here to open The Links. In her time away she has improved her skill sets and returns as Andrew No. 2. Lynette Stander brings her personality and and experience from Durban. She will take over the front desk upstairs as Member liaison and Accounts assistant.

Golfers of the week!

Danie Cronjé, Percy Owen, James Bredenkamp and Deon Marais captured the top prize this month in the Pam Golding/SuperSpar Alliance on Wednesday. Alison Bosch had a fine 68 nett on the day (worth a mention). Derek Knight and Dave Hart smoked the field on Saturday scoring +11 in the Betterball Bogey Bonus! Chris V Rensburg shot level par on the day off 2.

The Yearend Awards Party was held in great spirit on Wednesday night. Some of the usual suspects won Oscars but for the first time, Danie Cronjé and Jo Gobby were named men’s and ladies’  Players of the Year. Covid kept several members away but those who attended had a great evening!

Sign up for the Ladies’ Member-Member on December 5 and the Ultimate Par-3 Champs on December 12!

Men’s Club Championships and the Member-Member to follow!

The 2020 Calendar and results

We look forward to our sponsored days with ITEC and Selective Lighting/The Fire Works and Pam Golding Properties and Village Square SuperSpar events.

4-5        Jan         The Pam Golding Annual, SFBGC Champions, Series tied 7 all

7-8        Jan          Men’s Member-Member Partnership, Roger Smith and  Charlie Gilmore, Champions

8          Jan            ITEC Open Wednesday, Dr  Danie Cronjé and Mel Maubec, winners on 51pts 

18         Jan           Windhoek Pairs qualifying, Geoff Garratt and Ernest Müller,  winners on 49pts 

29         Jan           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Gill, Hool, Garratt and Wilson-Jones on 87pts

12         Feb          ITEC Open Wednesday, Karl-Johann and Nyana Persson on 45pts

14          Feb           Valentine’s Day Dress-up Golf; Dinner with entertainment, The Gobby’s 45pts

26         Feb           Pam Golding/ Village Square SuperSpar Alliance,  Coesens, White, Gobby and Spangenberg 91 pts

12        Mar          ITEC Open Wednesday, TK and Percy Owen 51pts

22           Jul           ITEC Open Wednesday, Keith Simpson and Mark Ward 46pts

26-27   Jul             PGA Regional Finals (SFBGC and SFL) Canceled

29         Jul             Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, The Gobby’s and the Nienaber’s 85pts

7          Aug             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 15h00 shotgun (postponed)

12        Aug             ITEC Wednesday – Izzy Obray and Madelaine Barry 

14        Aug             Greensomes   – Dr Lynn Slogrove and Sally Nienaber 42pts

26       Aug            Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Zietsman, Schoeman, Potas and Nel 93pts (C/I)

28        Aug            Foursomes  Maggie Langlands and Dave Hart, 40pts

 4        Sep             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun  Scott Keevy and Doug  Cornish 25pts  

5-6      Sep              EP Amateur Championships Kyle de Beer 32-38=70 Strokeplay

9          Sep             ITEC Open Wednesday Carol Boonzaier and Sally Nienaber, 46pts

12-13   Sep             EP Amateur Championships – Matchplay finals Kyle de Beer, Champion, Malan Potgieter, Plate

30        Sep             Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance Percy Owen, John Wilson, Ronnie Nienaber and Ernest Muller (Ghost) 86pts

2         Oct             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks – 14h00 shotgun Postponed

3          Oct              Stulting Golf Day A proper success with 80 players

14        Oct               ITEC Open Wednesday, Hein Spangenberg and Yan Coesens

17-18   Oct              LINKS CUP South Africa South Africa, 28-16!

24       Oct               Ladies’ Invitational, Jaunita Gobby and Lettie La Grange, 47pts

28        Oct              Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Madelaine Barry, Margot McGregor, Lynn Slogrove and Sally Nienaber 94pts

31        Oct              Le Trophee du Coq, The Men 41, 14 – 37, 7 

5          Nov            Eastern Province SENIORS Everyone won

6          Nov             Selective Lighting / The Fireworks, Danie Cronjé and Barry Phillips, 26pts

7-8       Nov            Men’s Invitational, Chris Lessing and Neels Claasen 88pts

11         Nov             ITEC Open Wednesday, Dave Micklem and Ken Noble, 45pts

17         Nov            Men’s Muirfield Day (3rd Annual) Everyone

20-21   Nov            Ladies’ Club Championships, Rita Du Plessis (G), Jaunita Gobby (N)

22         Nov           “The Trophy” Pieter Zietsman (G), Chris V Rensburg (N)

25         Nov              Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar Alliance, Cronjé, Owen, Bredenkamp and Marais, 81pts

25         Nov              Members’ Oscars, Plenty of Oscars

5           Dec             Ladies’ Member-Member

9           Dec              ITEC Open Wednesday

12         Dec              Ultimate Par-3 Championships

22-23  Dec              Men’s Club Championships

5-6       Jan             Men’s Member-Member Partnership

8-9       Jan              The Pam Golding Annual





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