Happy Mother’s Day!

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On June 3, my Mom would’ve been 101! She made 5 trips to SA, the last at 91. Jean Clause was quite the lady. She made her own clothes, played bridge at the highest level (Master), was wife to Gerald for 63 years, mother to Tom, Andrea and Jeff and played a pretty special game of golf. Mom served golf as a Junior Golf Board member. She led the way when our little nine-hole course in Jefferson, Iowa played host to the State Girls’ Championships. She made two aces in 5 days and wrote poems to salute others, like me, when we achieved the magic feat. I miss you MOM.

So, last week, I became a Grandpa (Oupa) and I am probably a little more sentimental because of it. Liezl’s MOM, Mandy, is a saint, still working in the doctor’s offices in George, still very close to her three daughters,  6 grandchildren and her 1st great grand-daughter, Luna.

To all of our new mothers (and fathers), to all our MOM’s and Grandmothers, Happy Mother’s Day!


Dirk Ellis knows how to look after his friends

Hey, you only turn 65 once! I think 30+ of your closest mates should receive a proper spit braai – Carnivores’ delight – Pig on the spit, lamb on the spit and sirloin!  Through in some cheese and melon and it’s complete! Happy Birthday!

Ask Craig how far it is to St Francis Links

At West Golf, Craig and his team will sort you out with lessons and fun. But he is promoting his new 2nd home, too! St Francis Links is only 13, 494 kms away.

More HAPPY golfing guests!

The PGA is ON! 3-6 November 2022

Golf Events

23 April – Betterball  – Thinus Keller and Reynier Meyer

27 April – Pam Golding/Village Square SuperSpar – Paul Lawrie, Ian Berry, Malcolm White and Kevan McNaughton

29 April – Selective Lighting/ The Fireworks – Rex McGregor and Nicholas Jooste

30 April – Saturday School – IPS – Manie Maritz

Our Next Family Fun Friday BONUS

June 3 is the date for the next Family Fun Friday with family Fun kicking off at 16h30 on the lawn. Special thanks to Deandre Dreyer and I-Fibre for the generous

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