Happy Mother’s Day and what a day it was!

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Happy Mother’s Day and what a day it was!
Nearly 100 joined us at the Links in support of their moms and a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!  The team put it on them properly. Kids made their own pizzas, the adults were treated to a great buffet. The weather made for a super outdoor setting. Our fab singer and performer, Claire Venn entertained everyone through the afternoon! She has been supporting us with her silky voice since we opened in 2007. Here’s what she had to say –

St Francis Links to be featured on kykNET!

More accolades!

Shaun and Chris shine for EP
Shaun and Chris win their singles against No.1 SC
Chris wins his singles and Shaun wins both!
Chris gets 1 1/2 and Shaun wins both!

A Warm Links Welcome!
A warm Links Welcome to Bonita Maya, our new stock controller in F&B. Our Hospitality Manager Pieter Germishuys is delighted that you have joined the team and we look forward to the value you’ll be bringing!

There are many exciting moves within our organisational team and we look forward to sharing some moves and exciting plans for the future of St Francis Links with you in due course!

Ladies Member Guest – 01 June 2024
St Francis Links lady members are encouraged to invite one of their golfing friends (non-members) for a day of great golf and endless FUN!

This is a chance to get your name on our Champions Board!

Nominated members who are handicapped at St Francis Links are also welcome to enter!

Please enter by clicking on the link below.

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Top golfers of the WEEK!

 What’s coming up?

Want to visit SA’s 3rd Ranked Course?
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Take advantage of tech
Take less iron into the green
Higher ball speed is usually associated with drivers. But new alloys and manufacturing techniques are producing iron faces that are super thin and fast too. And when you’re hitting every iron longer, you can take less club into the green AND get closer.
Here’s how you go even faster
Playing irons that produce higher ball speeds becomes even more of an advantage when you consistently square the face at impact. We can help you do that more often.
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Many of you very rarely use a fairway wood off the deck because you lack confidence. It’s a difficult shot. You give up distance and use a shorter club. Often a hybrid. A HY-WOOD gives you the easier use of a hybrid with the distance of a fairway wood.
There’s really only one way to find out and that’s to hit one. When you do, think about every time you’d have a better option out on the course.

Great feelings
Never in doubt
I always find the greatest disappointments are when you’ve made a green on a tough hole that you rarely hit in regulation. It’s a long putt, but it’s a birdie putt on the toughest hole.
No more 3-putts
Just when opportunity knocks, 3-putts often cause frustration and disappointment. A birdie in your mind becomes a bogey on the card. It’s hardly surprising when most golfers have a putter face at least 3° open or closed at impact. Change that. Change it now.
Have you ever had a putting lesson?
For some reason almost all golfers think putting is about just practice (and not too much of that). Let us reduce the chance of you 3 putting away opportunity.
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Another great location to WIN with Duca del Cosma
If you are driving past George Airport or Stellenbosch Square (R44 opposite De Zalze), you’ll notice brand new Duca del Cosma billboards against the Garden Route and Stellenbosch backdrops. If you are a golfer, this is your money shot to WIN a pair of Duca’s premium golf shoes! Golfers; strike your best pose, snap a selfie and share using #ducadelcosma. Remember to also tag @DucaDelCosma in your post.

As an added BONUS, every selfie from a golfer sharer receives a R400 voucher. This is ONLY to be used at ducadelcosma.co.za on golf shoes, gloves, caps that are not on SALE. Ts and Cs applied.

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