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 Our Member Get-togethers are informative and interactive

 W(HOA)…News from the Estate!

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This past Friday we had a great turnout for the Monthly Members’ Get-together – more than 60 were in attendance with many staying on for Chef Jon’s new homemade pizzas (new thin bases) and a variety of popular topping combinations (oh, there was a great salad and Ice cream cones to accompany and finish things off properly).  . 

Before the meeting, Liezl and I had a good chat with members, the Fuchs, who are very active in the greater community – you may recall the choir who sang at the opening and the ongoing re-cycling project through Rotary that benefits the local children in Sea Vista. Their passion for good environmental solutions carried over in a good letter to me. When we met, the points discussed focused on water, where storage tanks, managed correctly, recharge themselves quickly with small rain and controlled applications. It is recommended that everyone look into water security. We also focused on the risk of fire by negligent smokers who flick their butts away. We do hand out  “Butt Buckets”.

butts Please assist where you can! 

Then the subject of re-cycling came up – it failed here before because there was no one to transport the refuse. We committed to presenting recycling solutions at the next Get-together. 

These ideas and more were presented at length at the Get-together. Kevern gave a detailed report on the current water disaster, with explanations about the water sources, timetables and our desire and ability to provide potable water solutions in the future. In October 2017, we added a dosing system that reads the quality of the water in our reservoir and adds chlorine as needed. As you know, Kevern works closely with all of the Municipal department and recently assisted with the water issues in Oyster Bay – That’s our Kev! 

Charl addressed the ongoing replacement of distance markers on the sprinkler heads, water conservation on the course, bush cutting and fire breaks  and solutions for weeds in the driveways. 

Before the discussion finished, Liezl updated building and sales, construction and repairs. I noted that we are finalizing our Estate policy for  Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG to be shared with our interested members), Smart meters for water readings (you should be reading yours regularly – we will assist), bio-degradable straws and the introduction of paper over plastic wherever possible. Phew – that was just a summary. 

I closed the meeting by reviewing the channels of communication starting with Anne, the emergency number 0824310082, our open-office policy and finally, stating that our local Member Directors would be hosting a “communication coffee” quarterly before Board Meetings to discuss opportunities we have going forward. 

Your Estate has just come off the best financial year ever and we want to keep attracting new homeowners with solid Community projects, events and interaction. 

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 Golf with friends, weddings with family, trails to explore and wildlife galore! 

The Year Ahead – Your planner for 2018

Please take note of the dates and post them where you will see them and ENTER! 

 Links Majors and Special Events for 2018

Jan 2-3        The Pam Golding Annual (St Francis Bay wins – the overall is tied 6 games each)
Jan 5-6        Men’s Member/Member Partnership, Chris and Jandré Lessing, Champions
Jan 20         Windhoek Lager International Pairs (3rd Qualifying), Percy Owen and Norman Dyer
Jan 27-28    EP Champs (course closed)  Altin VD Merwe, Strokeplay Medalist (74-68=142)
Feb 3-4       EP Champs (semi-finals and finals) Francois v Coppenhagen, Champion; Hugo Maritz, Plate Winner
Feb 14        Couples/Mixed Golf – Valentine’s Dinner
Mar 10        Greensomes over 18 holes
Apr 22-26   National Senior Inter-Provincials (90) (course closed)
May 6-7      Club Championships
May 13-16  Senior Women’s Nationals (SFL and SFBGC) (courses closed)
May 18-20  St Francis Bridge Invitational
May 20       Nomads Monthly Game (11am Shotgun)
May 24-25  Woodland’s Golf Days
May 26       Foursomes over 18 holes
June 2        Ladies’ Invitational
June 16      Quarterly Couples/Mixed – US Open
June 17      Father’s Day Golf and Lunch
June 21      EP Seniors
June 25-26 Nomads Coastal NOoM
July 7          The Inaugural Muirfield Day (foursomes and fourballs)
July 20        Oakley X-Over
July 20-22   Men’s Invitational
July 22-25   PGA Road Trip – Pards Cup
Aug 25 to
Sept 11       Spring Programme (Club Closed)
Sep 28-29   Links Cup / Ryder Cup (Paris)
Oct 6          Quarterly Couples/Mixed Golf
Nov            Pam Golding Ladies’ Open Weekend (date – TBD)
Dec 1         Ladies’ Member- Member Partnership
Dec 8         Par-3 Championships
Dec 14-15 Pam Golding Annual (SFBGC host)
Dec 17      Kromme Trust Amazing Race
Dec 20      Food and Wine Festival
Dec 22     Year-end Couples/Mixed – Pro Shop Sale
Jan 3-4    Men’s Member-Member Partnership

Important Note: We endeavour to keep our “Majors” on the same weekend each year to encourage the best participation. We are forced to move the Annual Club Championships back a week this year because we were the chosen course in the Eastern Cape to host the National Senior Inter-Provincials, a tournament featuring the country’s top golfers. It finished on Thursday the 26th, leaving no time for practice or course preparation. I apologize and the Champs will return to the last week in April in years to come.   –  Please rate St Francis Links 

Leading courses



February Birthdays 
14 – Chris Kelway, Clive Bishop
17 – Cheyyann Barton
18 – Brian Barnard
21 – John Barnes
22 – Jacques Du Toit
26 – Gillian Hammond
27 – Marius Alberts

 More to Come! 

February 2018 sm


Itec Golf Days 2018 sm

Itec are our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up! Pitch up and play (9 holes or 18 Par-3 from 2pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays: Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf”

Monday Men’s Book Club – 5pm in Jack’s Bar (no reading required)
Ladies’ Tea (and Coffee) – Every Tuesday at 10am on the Veranda

February 14         Valentine’s Dinner – Mixed Golf – ITEC OPEN  Wednesday (Special rates, snacks and prizes)
February 16         Pizza Night 
February 20         Electrial Outage (Eskom repairs) 


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Every Great shot starts with a SMILE! 

Santa and the Links TEAM 


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