Fairway Bunker

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Fairway Bunker

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This week I will explain the fundamentals of getting out of fairway bunkers. They are far away from the green and require a long to mid iron. Your choice of club will depend on the distance to the target and the amount of loft needed to clear the lip of the bunker.

Aim to hit the ball off the sand cleanly and, unlike the splash and explosion shots, strike the ball rather than the sand to have a chance of reaching the green in one shot.
Fairway Bunker

1. Set-Up:Take a wider stance with your body parallel to the target line. Play the ball further back in your stance.

2. Backswing:Limit lower body movement.

3. At the Top:Make a full-shoulder turn keeping the club parallel to the target line.

4. Forward Swing:Swing smoothly with little leg movement, and keep your eye on the ball.

5. Impact:Accelerate through impact and make clean, crisp contact with the ball.

6. Follow-Through:Bring the club up to a controlled and perfectly balanced finish.

Fairway bunker shots are not scary and difficult. Just be sure to make contact with the ball before hitting the sand.

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