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Fear of shortgame

For me the main reason behind most duffed chip shots is a lack of commitment through impact. Players get too “handsy” flicking the club at the ball and this can lead to poor strikes.

Do not try and help the ball in the air, use proper technique and trust the club to do the work for you. Try and take your hands out of the stroke and rely on your bigger muscles to create momentum.

The basics:

  1. Set the ball towards the middle of your stance
  2. Keep your weight towards the left side
  3. Keep your hands in front of the clubhead
  4. Rotate your body back and through keeping the connection with your arms so your chest is facing the target.
  5. When you practice, do not give yourself the perfect lie, drop balls and play them as they lie.
  6. Have fun with chipping, it’s not difficult if you practice.

I encourage you to begin your journey to better golf, contact me 082 764 3044 or pro@stfrancislinks.com.

See you on the practice tee!

Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional

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