How to play a downhill lie

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Can you play a downhill lie?

When playing from a downslope take less club because the slope delofts the clubface.  The ball flight will be lower and the ball will roll more. Position the ball back in your stance a little and feel as if you set your shoulders parallel to the slope.

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It will be very difficult to do but you must feel like you do it. If you don’t angle your shoulders your body will be tilted back relative to the slope and you’ll likely hit behind the ball.

Shots from downhill lies tend to go to the right because you’re extending your arms down the slope. You must swing with the slope, not against it.  Basically, you’re holding off clubface rotation, which can leave the face open at impact. But don’t worry about releasing through the ball, just aim a little left to compensate.

Golfers do not practice this when they go to the driving range, but as you can see from the picture there is no reason why you can’t.

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