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Most players understand the fundamentals of pitching and chipping. They know to set up in a slightly open stance and to favour the front foot. They know they should accelerate through impact and let the loft on the clubface provide the height and spin they need to stop the ball close.

Why do they still hit bad shots? Because they get caught up in trying to control the distance the ball goes without really knowing how to do it. They decelerate on short shots and swing wildly on the longer shots.

Vary your Backswing

Brenden 1

Picture 1
It is very difficult to control distance by swinging faster or slower. Rather develop a system of wedge distances by varying how far you take back the club. Let’s say that in Picture 1 Brenden will with his Lob Wedge hit the ball 40 meters. His left arm angle points towards 8’o clock.

Brenden 2

Picture 2
In Picture 2 Brenden’s left arm is parallel to the ground. He knows that when he stops his swing here he hits the ball 55 meters. In Picture 3 his left arm angle is towards 10 o’clock. He is able to hit the ball 75 meters when he stops his swing at this point.

Brenden 3

Picture 3
By spending time on the range and practicing this system he will be able to better control his wedges. It is very important to control the speed of the swing, to accelerate through the shot and to keep in control of the swing. He will lower his score and ultimately enjoy his golf more.

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