Congratulations to SDC Champion Jordan Gumberg!

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W.O.W. and WOW at the Links
The SDC Championship
…an inspirational speech. 
The thrill of Victory and the agony of Defeat.
The SDC Championship featured top golf, plenty of drama and an emotional first-time winner in Jordan Gumberg, from America.

The Professionals dealt with ever-changing wind conditions where the course played in two Easterlies, Thursday and Sunday, as well as two Westerlies on Friday and Saturday. Throw in a little rain for the final round, and it was a challenge of note.

Robin Williams, who started his career here on a sponsor’s invite at the PGA Championship, was the crowd favourite. However, a costly double-bogey on the 71st hole led to an eventual tie and a two-hole playoff. His putt on the second extra hole stopped inches short of a R5 million check. Jordan seized the moment with a twenty foot-winning putt! Destiny!

Huge Appreciation for everyone’s hard work
Our appreciation foremost to Thomas Abt and the Sunshine Tour, along with David Williams and Mark Casey of the DP World Tour who support golf at St Francis Links and who put on such an incredible show! It is truly an experience working with such professionals! Well done to your teams!

Our own team celebrated too… many are missing from the photo below, but you can congratulate them all when you visit the club. Our kitchen and front of house teams had 3 shifts, and one of them started at 8pm until 4.30am, to prepare to start serving at 5am each morning.  A book can be written about the behind-the-scenes dedication, some of which our friend Dave Usendorff picked up on in his posts on our St Francis Links social media pages. Thanks Dave!

And some kept the spirits going!
Charl’s team, who delivered a great golf course, with the Champion here.
Our own Gary De Bruin’s Fitch & Leedes always adds value and didn’t disappoint again, welcoming VIPs, our members and players for a refreshing G&T!

We also acknowledge FLOOID which is an amazing, professional and vastly skilled team of golf industry professionals who hosting and promote professional golf all over. Carol Lourens and your team, with Neo Pete – thank you! Neo wrote to us on our group:

ADD-X, the event activations, signage, warehousing and logistics company which supports the event always delivers and Paul Buchanan who actually got married at St Francis Links some years ago, is the man behind the scenes, literally! This is the part you don’t see on TV … someone has to hold up the banner wall!
In Front Behind
From left to right, Dornay, Liezl, Anna and Eugenie.  Dornay and Anna work for the Sunshine Tour
While the hours of work are manic, there’s a little downtime for an early braai with the Tours and SuperSport teams
Nomads play a vital role in scoring. Thank you to our members who volunteered for hours with Nomads
From Left to Right: Mark Casey, Thomas Abt, Jeff Clause and Daniel Gibhard
And finally, to Daniel Gibhard, CEO of the Skills Development Corporation … thank you for your incredible support of golf, and of St Francis Links!
One for the memory books!

Wine on Water
While we were busy putting on a little show at St Francis Links, the Rotary Wine on Water weekend sounded like it was an amazing success. There was praise for organisation, with more boats available for transport and amazing wines on offer. I have downloaded a few photos from St Francis Today to share what you enjoyed (or missed).

All photos by Gail Petrie

Play it like the Pros!

What’s coming up?
Join us for dinner on Monday night!
St Patrick’s Day in St Francis!
 March 2024 Calendar

 Noteworthy golf dates
17 March – St Patrick’s Day
18 April – Co-Op Golf Day
27 & 28 April – Club Championship
9 & 10 May – Woodlands Dairy Golf Day
25 & 26 May – EP Amateur Championship (1st & 2nd Leg)
1 & 2 June – EP Amateur Championship (3rd & Final Leg)
1 June – Ladies Invitational
15 June – Le Trophy De Coq
6 & 7 July – Pam Golding Ladies Open
19 & 20 July – Men’s Invitational
12 to 24 August – Hollowtining – Course Closed
15 September- EP Seniors – Ltd Field
28 & 29 September – The Links Cup
17 to 24 November – The PGA Championship (provisional)
26 November – The Links Trophy (EP Event – Ltd Field)

Dates in blue = Course Closed

Hitting solid iron shots
What similarities do you see?
One of the greatest feelings in golf. A solid, flush iron shot. You can feel the ball accelerate off the club face. You know it’s good before you see it. Look at the picture below.
Hands slightly ahead of the ball. Ball first contact. Descending blow. Weight clearly moving from back foot through front foot. Low point of the swing is beyond the ball. There will be a shallow divot.

Have someone take a picture of your swing at or just after contact. Look at it and list what you notice. Finding, and understanding, the differences is the first step on a journey to more perfect iron shots.

Would you like us to snap the picture?
Our job is to help you start those journeys. Why not book an assessment and let us highlight the improvements you could make. The greatest feeling in golf is on the end of that journey.
Book an assessment

The AD333 has been a real favourite amongst our golfers. It’s not hard to see why. Where do you get more performance at such a great price? New tour-inspired technologies that create a softer feel and better spin performance for a straighter and longer ball flight.
Learn more

Better together
Become a golfing family
Family time and golfing time don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Golf is one of the few pastimes that enables you to spend several hours outdoors together with your family. It’s like going for a nice walk together, but with added fun.
Golf can be played by every member of your family, regardless of age and skill level. And once you’re all in the game, you can share in each other’s experience and progress.
By focusing on developing their movement ABCs – Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed – we give children between 0- and 6-years-old a solid foundation for later golf-specific coaching.
Good for the whole family
Being a golfing family means having a shared passion, something you can enjoy together. It’s also a great way for you, your children and your partner to stay active and healthy.
Bring your family

Another great location to WIN with Duca del Cosma
If you are driving past George Airport or Stellenbosch Square (R44 opposite De Zalze), you’ll notice brand new Duca del Cosma billboards against the Garden Route and Stellenbosch backdrops. If you are a golfer, this is your money shot to WIN a pair of Duca’s premium golf shoes! Golfers; strike your best pose, snap a selfie and share using #ducadelcosma. Remember to also tag @DucaDelCosma in your post.

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So, are you ready to step up your selfie game?



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