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Oct Getogether sm

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Open Doors, Member Get-togethers, Property Owner Forum and a well-functioning Board. 

There is no doubt that we are different from other estates, because other estate managers and members tell me so. Every estate has issues; issues that range from services rendered (or not rendered) to the ongoing stories of noisy neighbours and pooping pets. Other estates have big issues that range from insufficient funds to member dissatisfaction and declining memberships and sales.

Oct Getogether sm

Photo above: Monday evening’s monthly member get together was once again well attended.

We are not unique in the fact that our members have issues as well. But the best way to resolve issues and concerns is by talking to each other. Whether it’s a broken street lamp or a policy about caddies; home building standards or the quality of wi-fi; food service or tee time availability, it’s important to us as your management team.

I tell the good stories and many of our stories are very good, but that doesn’t make us the best at anything, just trying harder with a great team,  On Monday evening we had another member get-together where we, as EXCO, reported on the programmes and procedures in place on the Estate. We are expanding, we are growing and we are developing new strategies for continued success and member confidence weekly. Our management meetings include all department heads and key players in the Club and on the Estate. We are here to anticipate your changing needs and what’s best for the estate and all our property owners. I opened the meeting by thanking our team for another good financial year and another year of growth on the estate. Liezl confirmed that by noting the 57 properties transferred in the financial year, with more than 20 homes under construction. Charl shared our plans for expanded garden services, estate maintenance, clean-up projects and re-cycling. Kevern, who always has the most interesting stuff to say, had plenty to cover. He updated us about the water crisis and highlighted that we are still under water restrictions and that no irrigation should be running if you don’t have tanks, or water in those tanks.  He then updated everyone on the progress of our water treatment works that will be commissioned in early November – this will take us closer to water independence! The temporary tower that Vodacom erected will be removed and any proposed new tower positions will be addressed with the neighboring homeowners. The Vodacom signal remains poor in certain areas and the only real solution on the table is to port over to MTN as Vodacom has indicated that they are budget-strapped for new projects in “rural” areas. MTN, on the other hand has stepped it up again with proposals to provide us with better internet service options and a new PABX system.  Liezl also expanded on the growing pains associated with the implementation of Glovent, the application for visitor access management and communication. She expanded on the good work of the aesthetics committee, in place to back up the design review team and ensure our estate remains aesthetically consistent. She finished by sharing our expansive Festive Season Programme which will be released in its entirety in days, so look out for it!! 

Like all estates, we will have issues and opportunities. But we do have in place the mechanisms for all of our members to be heard. It starts with a visit to us or a management call, then attend the monthly get-togethers as they are informative and hopefully entertaining. Stay for dinner and get to know the others members in the room better. As one of our residents stated last night, “We had a home at another Estate for three years and have met and made more friends here in 6 months”

If you feel the need to take your concerns or ideas further, put your thoughts in writing to our home owner directors before the next Property Owner Forum in January and discuss it there. From the forum, the Board will consider, review and respond. 

Why does it work better here than at other estates? WE TALK TO EACH OTHER. It works much better than in the “cocktail circuit”! 

Remember, after 12 years, we are growing steadily through sales and resales, home building, increased rounds of golf, greater national and international recognition, new projects like the water treatment plant, recycling, continued alien eradication programmes, ongoing upgrades and improvements to the course, the Clubhouse and the estate, the improved quality of food and service and of course, the building of a great team of individuals. 

We used to say we were “Bucking the odds”, now we are “Setting the pace”!

 Big Charity Day for Stulting Primary

Stilting 2 sm

Another Great Weekend for Groups

Oct 301 sm

Wow, this was a proper weekend for the travelling golfers at St Francis Links. They came from Durban to Dublin to experience great golf and legendary hospitality! 

Links Majors, Special Events and Results for 2018

Jan 2-3        The Pam Golding Annual (St Francis Bay wins – the overall is tied 6 games each)
Jan 5-6        Men’s Member/Member PartnershipChris and Jandré Lessing, Champions
Jan 20         Windhoek Lager International Pairs (3rd Qualifying), Percy Owen and Norman Dyer
Jan 27-28    EP Champs (course closed)  Altin VD Merwe, Strokeplay Medalist (74-68=142)
Feb 3-4       EP Champs (semi-finals and finals) Naldo Claassens, Champion; Hugo Maritz, Plate Winner
Feb 14        Couples/Mixed Golf – Valentine’s Dinner Ronnie and Sally Nienaber, best members 
Mar 10        Greensomes over 18 holes Pete Maskew and John Wilson, Champions on 39pts 
Apr 22-26   National Senior Inter-Provincials Central Gauteng, Senior Champions; Southern Cape, Super-Senior Champions
May 5-6      Club Championships, Lynn Slogrove and Brent Vos, Champions 
May 13-16  Senior Women’s Nationals (SFL and SFBGC) , Free State wins the team title, Maggie Minnie (Boland), gross champion. 
May 18-20  St Francis Bridge Invitational Everyone was a winner! 
May 20       Nomads Monthly Game (11am Shotgun) 66 in the field
May 24-25  Woodland’s Golf Days 96 players on Thursday and 112 on Friday! HOSPICE wins
May 26       Foursomes over 18 holes Johann Spangenberg and Tom Grimsley; Lynn Slogrove and Margot McGregor
June 2        Ladies’ Invitational, Sandra Marais and Sonette Korff, Champions 
June 16      Quarterly Couples/Mixed – US Open – re-scheduled 
June 17      Father’s Day Golf and Lunch 
June 21      EP Seniors 
June 25-26 Nomads Coastal NOoM, Barend Botha over Aiden Senger, playoff 143 gross 
July 7          The Inaugural Muirfield Day (foursomes and four balls) everyone was a winner! 
July 20-22   Men’s Invitational, Hein Spangenberg and Eddie Nel, 98 points 
Aug 20 to
Sept 4        Spring Programme (Club Closed) 
Sep 23-29   Vodacom Origins of Golf (regional Finals) Alex Haindl – 12 Under Par
Oct 20-21   Links Cup South Africa wins 23-21
Nov 10-11   Pam Golding Ladies’ Open Weekend 
Dec 1         Ladies’ Member- Member Partnership
Dec 8         Par-3 Championships 
Dec 14-15 Pam Golding Annual (SFBGC host) 
Dec 17      Kromme Trust Amazing Race
Dec 18      Food and Wine Festival

Dec 22     NSRI Golf Day and Pro Shop Pop a Balloon Sale

Jan 3-4    Men’s Member-Member Partnership

More to Come! 

Itec Golf Days 2018 sm


Nov menu

Itec are our sponsors for OPEN Wednesday (2nd Wednesday) with meat and added prizes. Invite your friends to enjoy SA’s best with special rates for golf, snacks after the game and great prizes – Hey, sometimes Curry Night follows – stay or take away!

Monday Roll-up! Pitch up and play (9 holes or 18 Par-3 from 2pm) let’s add you to the What’s app group
All day Saturdays: Morning and afternoon fields – the afternoon field will be booked from 12 noon backwards with emphasis on “ready golf”

Monday Men’s Book Club – 5pm in Jack’s Bar (no reading required)
Ladies’ Tea (and Coffee) – Every Tuesday at 10am on the Veranda

Every Great shot starts with a SMILE! 

Santa and the Links TEAM

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